Independence Day! Realize The Strength Of Independent Women Today

Independence day
We are celebrating 71st Independence Day this year. Today we have reached a level where we can speak up, where social media is voice of every common man and more over we now stand tall for women empowerment, education for all and many other social issues.

Women empowerment, women independence, feminist are very big words with meaning. Recently for brand promotion these words or topics were used by huge banners. But question still exists, what exactly is women empowerment? Is it wearing short skirt, is it having sex with anyone or by own choice, is it going out to the pub, disc and drinking liquor. Or is it something else altogether?

On this Independence day, we bring few strongest women, who are/were independent and present us true meaning of independence and make us realize the real sense of women empowerment.

Kalpana Chawla

Kalpana Chawla, one woman who inspired not just Indians but also the entire world. Woman who not just had perfect balance of personal life but who excelled in her professional life too! If Kalpana Chawla depicts women independence to choose and pursue career, her family especially husband depicts women empowerment. Her family laid first foundation for her to grow and empowered her to become what she was! This is Women empowerment!

Kalpana_Chawla_Independence day
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Saina Nehwal

A small town girl, who dreamt big and achieved it by walking on path of too many failures. Saina Nehwal, born in Hisar, Haryana, where girl child is not considered as a boon. Bought up in middle class family, but where she was given opportunity to grow and pursue her dream and prove herself. This way is never easy as one has to create oneself in a very stubborn society. Today, she is making every Indian proud. This is Women freedom!

Independence day2
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Women Scientists of ISRO

Today we don’t need society who feels that woman is superior; we just need society where men and women are equal. This is very well proved by these elegant women scientist of ISRO. Recently, there was very big role played by women team during launch of MOM. They are simple women, who have family, who cook and may be have very simple routine, but they are whom we should look with respect as they have independent knowledge, thoughts. This is Women empowerment in true sense!

Independence day3
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Ashwini Waskar

Choosing a career is very important in today’s world, as your marriage, your standard of living, your profile and even getting your soulmate revolves around this one thing (in most cases). Here is Ashwini Waskar, woman who took body building as a career, passion, fortune and is moving on road of constant growing excellence. In India, where body building is “just for boys with testosterone” Ashwini proves that dedication, concentration and hard work can lead you to a destination you never thought or dreamt of. This is Women Power!

Tashi and Nungshi Malik

Twin Sisters Tashi and Nungshi, daughters of retired Indian Army officer Col Virendra Singh have shown vision that every girl can dream big and also achieve it. These young women completed 2 for 7 missions, where they conquered 7 tallest peaks in seven continents. This is women freedom to think and achieve what they dreamt!

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P V Sindhu

P V Sindhu is another women who proved herself well. She won the Silver medal in the 2016 Rio Olympics in badminton. She was lucky enough to come from a family deeply rooted in sports and this along with her commitment and determination to her game made her what she is today! Honored with many national awards P V Sindhu is a true idol for modern women.

Independence day7
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These are just few examples of true women empowerment, there are many legends to count on. Women freedom, women independence is to prove to herself not the world, to make herself strong to face this world. Independence doesn’t just bring freedom; it is that zen level where we are creator and destroyer of limitation.

“If no one in world values you, then value yourself more, you will become precious!”

Stylewhack team wishes Very Happy Independence Day to all Indians and especially to every daughter of the nation.

Make yourself proud, understand the meaning of independence.

“This article is especially dedicated to those people who didn’t preach but practiced women empowerment in their home and made women of their family strong and empowered with success, dream and achievements.” 

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