Ever Wondered Why We Don’t Make the Cut at Olympics? Here are 5 Ways to Make India Sports Friendly.


Every time during Olympics, we realize how much we need to still do as a nation to sparkle at Sport Arenas like the Olympics. India as a nation definitely has talent in the Sports Field but somehow there are so many factors which stop us from cutting the mark and being the champions in sports other than Cricket.

Today in Social Spotlight, we try to shed some light on how we can make India a sports friendly country:

  1. Parents
    Parents support makes a huge psychological difference in shaping a child’s decision to play any sport. To make India sports friendly parents need to encourage their kids to follow their passion and to not be disappointed incase if the child is not making it big unlike other kids. This fact was even reiterated by Aditi Mutatkar, an ace badminton player of one time.


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2. Infrastructure
Infrastructure plays an essential role if children are interested to perform but do not get the basic facilities from schools/colleges/state. The determination of players should not be deterred because of lack of infrastructure at any level of sports. We lack good fields, proper sports equipment and independent spaces/parks which are meant only to promote sports.

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  1. Tournaments at Grass Root Level
    More tournaments should be held at grass root level to encourage and motivate players. The higher number of tournaments, the more players will practice and perform and will be inclined to excel themselves. Inter School tournaments are generally not given much importance by the organizers and they are held only for namesake. With proper guidance and support, players can come a long way right from childhood.

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  1. Education system
    Sports should be included in the daily curriculum. A forty minutes P.T. session will not help anyone. A player really interested in sports should be given some sort of levy from school so he / she is not burdened to perform in academics. The education body needs to take sports seriously in the first place to make any changes in the way India perceives sports as a career. We need to make sports as important as academics and ingrain in the students that even sports can be pursued as a career and not just a part time hobby.

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  1. Sports School and Courses
    There are sports academies in India, but they are so rare that very few are aware about their existence. Also, sports as a Masters or Bachelors degree should be included in the education system in India. This will help not only the students but also motivate the parents to back their children to pursue some sports courses. To name a few of sports academies in India – Prakash Padukone Badminton Academy, Mary Kom Boxing Academy, MRF Pace Foundation, Sports Authority of India and Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports.

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