Today an official press conference was conducted by Ministry of External affairs and The Ministry of Defence.

DGMO of Indian, Lt Gen Ranbir Singh army said “India conducted surgical strikes last night across the LoC to safeguard our nation. Significant casualties have been caused to terrorists and those trying to shield them. We don’t have a plan to further conduct such strikes. India has spoken to Pakistan,”

The DGMO also said “There were launch pads across the LoC where terrorists were present waiting to infiltrate the nation and attack areas in Kashmir and metros across the country. We have recovered items including GPS which have Pakistani markings. Captured terrorists hailing from PoK or Pakistan have confessed to their training in Pakistan or in Pakistan controlled region.”

Indian Army started their attack on Terrorist launch pads in Pakistan at 2.30am today and the exchange of fire continued till 8.00 am. These attacks by Indian army were conducted in response to URI attacks which were conducted at LOC by some terrorist camps from Pakistan.

Minutes after the press conference of Indian Defence Ministry, Pakistani media wing and Internal Services Public Relation (ISPR) said the claims were false.

According to Pakistan Defence Minister Asif “There was exchange of firing along the LoC which Pakistan Army responded to.

There were some strong tweets reported from the Pakistani camp

Indian army successfully completed the whole operations without any casualities. According to some source approximately 7 terror camps were destroyed.

These are some Top tweets and statements from India.

Former DGMO Vinod Bhatia reacted to the surgical strikes and was quoted by ANI as saying, “This is a loud and clear message to Pakistan that they will pay cost of carrying out terrorism in our nation.”

This surgical strike is a befitting reply to those terrorists who cowardly attacked our soldiers in URI.

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