The Hardest Facts Of Being Girl In India – Things Indian Girls Are Tired Of

indian girls
Don’t sit like that…
Don’t laugh like that…
Behave like a girl…
Don’t shake your legs like that….
Be good….
Don’t argue…
Don’t shout…

These are the statements that Indian girls are probably tired of hearing. Girls in India are subjected to huge differences as they think women are the weaker sex. But obeying these rules and regulations that the girls are subjected to doesn’t actually solve their problems but will increase them.

We have decided to compile a list of some of the common problems Indian girls face

The Stares

This is one of the most annoying things that every girl in India face, actually every girl living in India face because it is because of the attitude of the guys in India that make them stare at girls making them feel uncomfortable. Many tend to think girls as an object and a thing rather than a fellow human.

It is better to advise your guys to behave properly rather than asking your girls to not to roam outside.

indian girls

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is everywhere and if you are a girl born and brought up in India then you might have the chances of knowing the exact problems about gender discrimination. If not your parents, it may be the society or your relatives that give you the feeling of being discriminated. Many parents in India say ‘inhe maine bête ki tarah paala hein’ what the hell is that raise a girl like a girl because she should know that everyone is equal and has equal rights. And the hell with the discrimination saying ‘voh tho ladka hein’ is what all the Indian girls annoyed.

Indian girls

The Pressure Of Getting Married

If a girl in India turns 21, then everyone around her, her relatives, neighbors take the responsibility of setting up matches for her without her consent. Girls also have their own goals, girls also wish to have their own career, they also wish to earn a 5 digit salary and buy an Apple product by their own, they also wish to look after their parents, and marriage will not be their ultimate goal, so don’t take unnecessary responsibilities for girls.

indian girls

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The Period Problems

Leave aside the normal period problems that periods bring along. Periods in India are a stigma and girls in India have many restrictions while they were on their periods. Girls on periods are not allowed into the kitchen, they will not be given access to the achaar, not allowed to enter the temples and these stigmas are what makes the periods even more irritating for the girls. There is nothing to be ashamed of, it is a biological process, happy to bleed. It is all in the mind, change it.

indian girls

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This is not the problem faced alone by the girls in India but also the men, but as we are talking here about the problems of girls, we can’t discuss men’s issues here, people all around us in the world are so judgmental that they judge the character of a girl by the way she is dressed.

It is not the dress of the girl that is short but your thoughts that are so narrow-minded.

indian girls

Thanks to all those Indian parents who haven’t let these problems affect their daughters and treated them equally giving them the freedom to speak, think and act. I am blessed to be one of them.

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