If there is anything better than the popular songs that get onto your music list, it is the variety of versions they are treated in. Be it with music or without, these versions are brilliant with their own touch of beauty. The recent surge in English songs being treated with a desi twist, has got us crooning non stop. We are talking about the South Indian version of Ed Sheeran’s unstoppable number Shape of you. IndianRaga is here to take your breath away.

IndianRaga will have you hooked till the end

In their version, singers Mahesh Raghavan, Aditya Rao and Vinod Krishnan will take you through a musical extravaganza of this song. Instead of lyrics, they have notes that are so catchy and in sync, it will amaze you.

If the choreographies set to this song weren’t enough already to make you jump out of that chair, this one will have you mesmerized.

You can watch the video here-

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