“I Do!” – Can It Get More Insane?


As it is, couples these-days shy away from walking down the aisle. Add to it the insane wedding rituals like ” balancing earthen-pots on the bride’s head to test her skills of balancing the new family equation ” or “the groom having a last minute change of heart and deciding to embark on a ‘Kashi-Yatra’ instead of getting married ” or “even the concept of getting married to a tree to ward off the curse you are supposedly born with”- can make taking the ultimate plunge an even more onerous task!

But did you know we aren’t the only ones with such bizarre wedding customs; here are some of the wackiest wedding traditions around the globe that will undoubtedly make you scamper away if you were to follow them! 🙂

#Get Beaten-Up at a Korean Wedding

Throwing the perfect bachelorette party can take a toll on your groomsmen, but imagine if they could make up for it by trashing you! As per the South Korean wedding custom the groom’s feet needs to be beaten-up with fish and canes before his wedding in order to prepare him for his wedding night. Still wondering how that helps!

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#Get Kissed By One And All at a Swedish Wedding

Imagine not leaving your partner’s side even for a bathroom break during the entire wedding! Well in Sweden, if the bride or groom leaves the room, the guests dash to kiss the significant other.

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#Raise a Commode Toast at a French Wedding

The French seem to take the expression “marriage-gone-down-the-drain” by the word! Here newly-wed couples are made to drink out of a toilet bowl replica and their friends try to fill it up with anything and everything they can find. Truly if you can handle the wedding commode, you can handle anything in your marriage!

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#Run the Obstacle Course at a Finnish Wedding

In Finland there is no way you can wriggle out of “carrying-the-burden in the relationship.”

At Finnish wedding men compete by carrying their wives through an obstacle course. Yup definitely a place, you wish your wife weighs on the lower scale or you magically turn into Superman!

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#Earn While You Dance at a Greek Wedding

Falling short of the honeymoon cash, here’s a novel way to earn some extra bucks – Guests pin money to the newly-wed couple’s clothes while they show-off their moves!

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#Cry Your Heart Out At A Chinese (Tujia) Wedding

The bride-to-be of Tujia descent in China must weep for an hour everyday starting a month in advance from her wedding day and slowly as the days go by all the women in her family join her. Grab the tissue boxes; it’s definitely one “tearful” wedding!

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#Get Blackened at a Scottish Wedding

Wearing the kilt is the last of your worries at a Scottish wedding. In Scotland friends and relatives seize the bride and groom respectively and pelt them with soot, flour, rotten eggs, fish and treacle to ward off the evil and noisily parade them around town. While the bride-to-be gets to exchange kisses for money, the groom is usually ridiculed all the way and left tied to a lamp-post outside his house.

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#Shoot Arrows at a Chinese (Yugur) Wedding

The Chinese “Yugur” culture believes in playing cupid literally. The groom shoots headless arrows at the bride after which they break the arrows to profess love for each other. Well get your shots right, this would be the only time you get to call or rather pull the shots in your marriage!

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#Stage a Kidnapping at a Romani (Gypsy) Wedding

Want to marry the girl of your dreams? Just kidnap her! Yes that’s exactly what the Romani practice. If you successfully manage to kidnap your girl and hold on to her for 2-3 days, she’ll be your wife. Ladies this is one scary wedding!

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#Be Grounded at an Irish Wedding

If you are the bride in Ireland, no skipping and jumping with joy for you. It’s an Irish belief that if the bride lets up her feet off the ground while dancing; she will be swept away by evil fairies. So stay grounded!

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#Get Serious at a Congolese Wedding

Marriage is a serious affair and the people of Congo take it very solemnly. The couple cannot smile or laugh during the entire wedding including the reception. Wondering how their wedding pictures turn out!

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#Smash Plates at A German Wedding

In Germany, guests smash porcelain plates to ward off evil spirits and the newly-wed couple are supposed to clean-up the mess together.

Yup your first lessons in marriage- “it’s all about teamwork!

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#Walk a Human Carpet at Marquesas Islands

Love to get married at Tahiti? Well the Marquesan tradition mandates the couple to leave the wedding reception walking over a train of people lying on the floor. Ouch! Hope the bride is not wearing stilettos!

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#Burn the Match-Maker’s Effigy at a Ukrainian Wedding

Playing cupid in Ukraine may not be a good idea. The Ukrainian couple foreseeing the possibility of a messy divorce takes a pre-planned revenge on their match-maker, by burning his/ her effigy at the wedding.

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Planning to tie the knot? Do you have bizarre traditions in your wedding itinerary?


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