Give These Instagram Accounts A Follow If You Are A Foodie

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The picture sharing network from the social networking giant Facebook which is the Instagram has lots of stuff for everyone that they can choose to follow according to their tastes, desires. Making your feed filled with interesting and cool stuff will make your Instagram account more interesting. These accounts will give lots of inspiration for trying new recipes.

Instagram Accounts For Food Lovers

Food Heaven Show

The two best friends Wendy and Jess are registered, dieticians. These brilliant and incredible cooks are experts in cooking healthy and are on a mission to inspire everyone else towards eating healthy. These two also own an amazing food blog with the name food heaven made easy. Their Instagram account is definitely a must follow for all those healthy eaters and even for those who wish to eat healthy for staying healthy.

Give these friends a thumbs up.

Half Baked Harvest

Baking is fun even to cook or to watch while someone is cooking. Tieghan Gerard comes from a big family. She says a big family is about big meals. She is into blogging since 2012. Her works also got featured on The Cooking Channel, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, PopSugar, Huffington Post. Her Insta account looks so fresh with mouthwatering images and videos that you must give a check to increase your food satisfying levels.

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Food Minimalist

Lucia Lee’s Insta account is another interesting one that you should give a thumbs up to fill in your feed with really amazing and cool stuff. You will never be bored of scrolling through Lee’s feed and the photography skills even need an appreciation here. So, don’t miss this account, give it a follow.

My Cupcake Addiction

Elise Strachan is the founder of My Cupcake Addiction where she desires all those baking enthusiasts how to bake beautiful and delicious cupcakes. Her name is very popular in the world of sweets. Her Insta account is a must follow for all the cakes and sweets lovers, so give this account a follow to fill your feed with colourful pictures of yummy cupcakes.

Wright Kitchen  

Brittany Wright gives the chance to witness the food and food items in an artistic way as she presents them wonderfully with her brilliant photographic skills. This account is an absolute feast for your eyes while your stomach starts to growl. Give it a follow and witness her talent. She says her goal for life is to learn to cook anything and everything.

Coffee Cups Of The World

meal prep won and DONE ✔️ feels so good to have my lunches and dinners for the next 4 days sorted out- one less thing to think about for a busy week ahead! i did my best to do a plastic free meal prep for #LFAplasticfreeweek, so i purchased loose produce by the lbs. it turned out about 30% cheaper than its packaged counterparts ☺️♻️ on the menu clockwise from left: coconut fat balls, roasted broccoli rabe, baked golden beets, carrots and celery for snacking, spinach for salads, @mynewroots walnut red pepper dip, yellow coconut vegan curry, pulled chicken, curried hummus! i share many of my tips and low sugar recipes for meal prep in my eBook- link in bio for more info! #LFAguidetomealprep #LFAmealpreps

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Your appetite will increase when you see the pictures from Lee’s account and it creates some serious breakfast goals. Breakfast is the most important diet for the day that you should definitely not give a miss, so follow this account to get some interesting and tasty breakfast ideas.

Give these Instagram accounts a follow if you never want to get bored of your Insta feed. One thing you must remember that should be a statutory warning here is don’t go through your feed while you are hungry, it may increase.

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