I was done with my new experience for the week and then realized it is ‘International Yoga Day’ this week! I realized it too late, almost in the evening but still thought I should do something to make this very first International celebration of yoga a day to remember!

You ask me why? The reason being, yoga was there to uplift my spirits when everything seemed inconsequential and when I thought life had come to a stand still. Yoga was there to help me concentrate my energies in the pursuit of finding a new focus in my life.

I left my overly loved job in India to join my husband in the US on a non working visa, which at that time seemed as if someone had clipped off my wings. It was a conscious decision, being with your loved one was more important than having a job! Never the less, it took 6 months and some regular pranayama for me to start from scratch and get back to the love of my life – writing! A non working visa has been indeed a boon in disguise and today my life is richer than what it would have been back in India.

So yes, I had to pay my respect to yoga by doing something on this day. Guess what did I do? I headed straight to Riviera beach in my yoga pants with my yoga mat at 7 pm, looking for a quiet spot where I could stretch a little and then meditate.

When I entered the beach, I was welcomed by this old guy making BIG soap bubbles with kids trying to burst the bubbles. The bubbles were floating high, out of the reach of the kids. One kid threw his footwear in the air to burst those bubbles! Pretty smart, right?

Beach YogaI entered the beach and was looking for a nice spot amidst the hustle bustle, and I found these turtle nestings at a lot of spots in the sand. Since the turtle population is diminishing at an alarming rate, the local government with the help of citizen volunteers are trying their level best to help the turtles proliferate.

YogaThe Beach was busy with people from all phases of life stealing some moments from their busy life to be in the waters or see their loved ones enjoying in the waters!

YogaBut then I did find my spot of peace where I put my yoga mat and sat for a while just breathing in the salty air and being mesmerized at the vast expanse of blue in front of me and up above me!

IMG_20150620_195049944And so I paid my homage to yoga by doing a 20 minutes work out at the beach with a deep feeling of gratitude overwhelming me when I did ‘namaste’ at the end of my work out!

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