You never know what will you see on the internet! But what will be your reaction when you go to YouTube and find videos showing Indian kids sitting in classroom being taught to say bizarre statements like “I’m not gay, but $20 is $20” and “Adolf Hitler did nothing wrong”?

24-year-old Tejaswini Naik, a Mumbai-based assistant director in Bollywood, saw these videos and decided to not just sit, feel awful for sometime and then get back to normal life. Instead she created online petition on and pleaded everyone to sign it and join her movement to pressurize YouTube to take the videos down. In two days, they received 22,000 signatures and YouTube disabled the YouTube Account.

This might be a victory, but it is a small one. Tomorrow we may have the same person or other people creating newer YouTube accounts and exploiting kids in such disgusting way. In order to make the internet clutter free, all of us need to be vigilant. If Tejaswini Patil can do it, so can we. Let us take lesson from this victory and report anything which is abusive in nature on the internet.

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