Secrecy about Intimate Wear – Time To Address Social Stigma Associated With It

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The talk about intimate wear is often considered as a TABOO in India. Many feel that these discussions or topics are only raised and shared by shameless people. But in fact, inner/intimate wear is a very important topic while there are certain stigmas associated with it that make it an avoidable and not so important topic.

We thought to present you some of the social stigmas associated with intimate wear and how to combat them.

Stigmas Associated With Intimate Wear

No Sun Drying

intimate wear 4One of the major stigmas associated with intimate wear is definitely the shy of showcasing them publicly. It may be sun drying them or even storing them. We take optimal care in making them unreachable and untraceable. No one thinks of sun drying their inner garments along with the other garments. It may be because of the shy feeling that we have in showcasing the inner garments. Some people don’t even sun dry them and just blow drying the inner garments is not a hygienic practice at all. It may further lead to many other infections.

It is nothing wrong if someone sees our inner garments. Everybody wears them. So get rid of this stigma and let your undergarments dry under the sun rays.

Shy To Shop

intimate wear 1Shopping is often considered as a most popular hobby among many people, especially among the ladies. But when it comes to shopping the intimate wear, no one is actually interested. Many of us feel shy to shop for intimate wear. Who asks the salesperson to show various models or types in intimate wear. We don’t give much importance while shopping innerwear.  The shy we have to do discussion make the shopping of these inner apparel more complicated and intimate affair. Many online shopping websites even offer private shopping services saying that they don’t reveal the shopper’s identity if they shop inner garments.

But it is nothing illegal or anti-national and we don’t have to maintain secrecy for shopping inner garments.

The Stigma To Display

intimate wear 2The inner garments are considered as the most personal and private garments that we don’t even want them to be viewed by anyone. We hide them in our private shelves and behind all the regular clothes by covering them up. We don’t want them to be easily traceable even for us.

It is nothing wrong if someone accidentally finds our inner garments on our shelf or somewhere else. Just make sure you store them according to your comfort and space and don’t care about the secrecy. You may not flaunt them but you don’t have to hide them.

The Strap Shy

intimate wear 3This is the stigma related to women mostly. Women feel very shy about the misplaced innerwear straps. We often find straps come outside and we don’t want others to notice them. Fellow women become saviors in this case.

Men also wear innerwear but their misplaced straps aren’t a huge stigma amazingly! So, I don’t think even women should be worried about hiding the straps.

Private Affair

intimate wear 5To say in simple words anything related to intimate wear is considered as a private affair. It is not ok to discuss, display, talk about inner garments in fact not comfortable.

The intimate wear is nothing to be hidden. The intimate wear knowledge is definitely required for everyone. The innerwear maintenance is also very important as it plays a major role in intimate hygiene.

I think it is the basic job of the intimate wear which is to cover the private parts that make them look or sound less.

We need to get rid of these stigmas.


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