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The US-based tech giant Apple has been in the news again. But this is not anything that the company should be proud about. In fact, this thing is shaking the iPhone users around the world. Many versions of the iOS and Mac devices across the world are crashing and you will be surprised to know the reason behind the iPhone crash. So, let us now take a deep insight into this problem that is heating up the brains of the people at the Apple office and also worrying the Mac and iOS users.

First Discovered At

This bug was first reported by an Italian blog. It said the bug impacts the applications running on the latest version of iOS 11.2.5 and macOS. According to reports, the effects of this bug will be of different kinds. Some may not be able to get access to certain applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, Gmail, Twitter, and Messenger. The bug also sometimes makes the currently running applications crash suddenly.

The Telugu Character

It is the Telugu character that is responsible for the crash of the iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS devices. The character that is responsible for all this can be seen in the picture below.

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This is a Telugu letter or character pronounced as gya or gnya. This character is now considered as the text bomb.

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What The Bug Causes?

The Apple devices running on the older versions of the OS will not be affected by this bug.

This text bomb will make any app that it is displayed on to crash and make them unworkable. The applications will keep on to crash no matter how many times you try to open them.

This bug not only makes the iPhone crash but also affects various other Apple devices like Apple TVs, Macbooks, Apple watches that are run on the latest versions of the OS.  

The situation will be worse if iOS tries to show the symbol or the character that someone sent you on your notification panel on your iOS 11.2.5 version run devices. In such a case the entire system that manages the Home that is the Springboard crashes.

What Apple Said?

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Apple said that it has acknowledged the issue and if working on a fix to the text bomb bug. Apple even made it a confirmation that the bug will not affect devices that are running on lower versions of the iOS devices and it is only the problem with the iOS 11.2.5 run devices and it also mentioned that the issue will be fixed with the iOS 11.3 update.

But this update doesn’t seem to be hitting the users devices anytime soon as it has got some new features. One of those many features will be the batter health menu prevents the speed throttling in iPhone.

So, if you are thinking of an immediate solution, then the public beta version of the iOS 11.3 has been made available already by Apple. The users can install the beta update and save themselves and their devices from this text bomb if they have already been affected by this iPhone crash bug.

What Is The Solution?

What if you don’t have any idea about this text bomb and the bug that is causing the iPhone crash and accidentally affected by this bug. If this bug has made your apps unworkable, then what should you be doing, don’t worry; here we come up with some solutions for you as well.

As of now, there are very few people affected by this bug.

Solution 1 For iPhone crash

The only way possible as of now to get access to the apps affected by this bug is just uninstalling and reinstalling them. If in case it is an application that you cannot be uninstalled affected by this bug and made your iPhone crash, then you need to delete the whole thread of the chat in which you received the Telugu character the text bomb.

Solution 2 For iPhone Crash

Before the Apple comes up with the original 11.3 version of the iOS update, there is another simple workaround solution for the Apple users to stay away from this issue.

This is, in fact, a simple trick that the Apple users can consider if in case they suspect this text bomb in the messages. You can simply ask Sir to ‘read the unread messages’. Also, use Siri to reply to the malicious text imbibed message thread and then after that you will be able to open the iMessages app. If you are still unable to get rid of the issue, simply delete the whole thread.

Following these simple steps will make you get back access to your messages again.

This Is Nothing Funny

Just to understand how serious the problem is, here we are sharing you the video of Lewis Hilsenteger the popular Unboxer (YouTuber from the popular technology channel on YouTube Unbox Therapy)

You will get a clear idea how it will if a device is affected by this bug. Watch the video

This problem is not anything funny like many people are thinking. Many people on the internet are making fun by intentionally sharing the particular text bomb which is the Telugu character that is pronounced as gnya.

We completely condemn such acts.It may seem fun to you, but someone on the other side may actually be suffering according to your acts.

That is why we at Stylewhack caring for the iPhone users have made this article completely to let the users and the other common people know completely about the bug without even using the character anywhere because we know that it will affect someone somewhere.

We hope this attempt of us may have helped you in knowing better about this trending issue. Also, make people around you aware by sharing this article.

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