Is North Korea trying to become the next BIG Military Power?


On 6th Jan 2016, it was announced on state television by North Korea that it had been successful in detonating a “miniaturized” hydrogen bomb, one of the most destructive weapons in today’s world.

As the war between North and South Korea boils, North Korea is slowly and steadily making it’s military strong day by day. But the question still remains – is it only for South Korea or to instill fear in the rest of the world too.

Here are some state of the art Soviet era deadly military equipments which are aging North Korea boasts of –

The biggest threat North Korea poses to South Korea is its potent conventional artillery, with a high number of  these 170 mm Koksan guns.

170 mm Koksan Guns

The North Korean air force comprises of jets and biplanes. It also has some MiG-29 mimicking semi modern fighter jets.

North Korean MiG-29

Certain systems which North Korea possesses can even hot Seoul, South Korea’s capital like the 240 mm multiple-rocket launchers.

240 mm launcher

North Korea’s submarine force is one of the world’s largest. In 2010, a small North Korean submarine sank a South Korean ship!


North Korea has a line of has a line of shorter-range Hwasong missiles capable of hitting Japan. Not to forget its long-range missiles and nuclear programme.


The world needs to keep a watch on North Korea as it builds and ramps up its military.

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