When many of us are in a dilemma and keep on giving reasons saying we are too young to do that or we are too old to achieve that! Meet Ishita Katyal of Pune, who is mere 10 years old and today holds the honor of being the world’s youngest TEDx speakers!

Ishita Katyal and her speech – 

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Ishita spoke on ‘Why you don’t have to wait till you grow up’ giving some legitimate reasons on how when we ask kids this question it diminishes their ability to think they are capable of doing anything as a kid too! She says it ingrains in the kids’ minds that they need to grow up first and then start achieving which is totally wrong.

Hear her speech where she give details on how she acquired a TEDx licence and organized a TEDx talk at her school Vibgyor High in Balewadi!

Kudos to Ishita who is inspiring all young and old minds alike in the whole world!

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