30 Most Amazing Jack Sparrow Quotes From the Movie Pirates Of The Caribbean

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Jack Sparrow, the legendary pirate of the Seven Seas from the very popular movie Pirates Of The Caribbean series. This captain character is the one which made Johnny Depp even more popular and in fact, many people memorize and recognize him as Jack Sparrow. Jack is full of humor and sarcasm which make him one of the most lovable characters. So, here we present you to a list of Jack Sparrow quotes that will mean a lot and will be very meaningful and make a lot of sense when applied to the situations in our daily life.

Captain Jack Sparrow Quotes  

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  1. If You Love Two People At The Same Time, Choose The Second One. Because If You Really Loved The First One You Wouldn’t Have Fallen For The Second One.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 1

  2. Just Close Your Eyes And Pretend Its All A Bad Dream. That Is How I Get By.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 2

  3. The Problem Is Not The Problem, The Problem Is Your Attitude About The Problem.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 3

  4. It Is Ok If You Don’t Like Me. I Like Me.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 4

  5. Did Everyone See That? Because I Will Not Be Doing It Again.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 5

  6. Why Fight If You Can Negotiate.

  7. Crazy People Don’t Know They’re Crazy. I Know I’m Crazy, Therefore I’m Not Crazy, Isn’t That Crazy?

  8. Face Is Familiar, Have I Threatened You Before?
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 6

  9. My Spirit Lives On.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 7

  10. You have stolen me and I am here to take myself back.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 8

  11. My tremendous intuitive sense of the female creature informs me that you are in trouble.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 9

  12. I Regret Nothing, Ever.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 10

  13. The World Is Still The Same. There Is Just Less In It.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 11

  14. Take what you can, give nothing back.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 12

  15. I love those moments. I like to wave at them as they pass by.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 13

  16. Better to not know which moment may be your last. Every morsel of your entire being alive to the infinite mystery of it all.

  17. Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 14

  18. You may kill me, but you might never insult me.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 15

  19. I Wash My Hands Off This Weirdness!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 16

  20. Why is it always magic and curses and metal ships and weird little dolls?
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 19

  21. I’m Dishonest, And A Dishonest Man You Can Always Trust To Be Dishonest. Honestly, It’s The Honest Ones You Want To Watch Out For, Because You Can Never Predict When They’re Going To Do Something Incredibly Stupid.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 27

  22. If You Choose To Lock Your Heart Away, You Will Lose It For Certain!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 17

  23. You Are The Ones In The Need Of Rescuing And I’m Not Sure If I’m In The Mood!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 18

  24. Did No One Come To Save Me Just Because They Missed Me?
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 20

  25. This Is The Day You Will Always Remember As The Day You Almost Caught Captain Jack Sparrow.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 26

  26. Roses Are Red, Rum Is Good, Poems Are Hard Rum Is Good!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 21

  27. I Am Not Sure If I Attract Crazy Or If I Make Them That Way!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 22

  28. The Seas May Be Rough, But I Am The Captain! No Matter How Difficult I Will Always Prevail!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 25

  29. The Deepest Circle Of Hell Is Reserved For Betrayers And Mutineers!
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 23

  30. Always Be Yourself. Unless You Can Be A Pirate – Then Always Be A Pirate.
    Jack Sparrow Quotes 24

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We hope this knowledge of pirate quotes help you in learning about the world. Stop being weird and start saying Jack Sparrow quotes.

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