Jimikki Kammal Becomes The 2nd Most Watched Video On YouTube


If you have not heard this song Jimikki Kammal until now, then we are very sorry but we think you had no fun this year. So, at least don’t do any late and do watch the video and listen to the song immediately before the year ends.

The year 2017 has almost come to an end and the social media websites have concentrated on releasing the list of the trending content on their platform this year and as a part of it the dance Jimikki Kammal video by the students of the Indian School Of Commerce has made it in the trending video of the year 2017. This video is the 2nd most trending video on YouTube in 2017.

The original song is from a Malayali Movie starring Malayali superstar Mammutti.

Jimikki Kammal Original Song 

There have been a lot many versions of this song on YouTube that have been made by various people but this 2nd trending video of YouTube India is the popular version of the song that it has the more number of views than the original song itself.

Sheril G Kadavan is the fame of this most popular version of the song and has gained instant fame with this video. She is the teacher at the institute. The performance is a really elegant one that can put a smile on your face for sure and you just cannot withstand from tapping your feet for the tunes of the song.

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After the song got released and gained instant popularity, a Twitter user tweeted asking Jimmy Kimmel, the host of the American Television show Jimmy Kimmel Live whether he heard this song

And look how he responded

And this is the most viewed video on YouTube / top trending video on YouTube India 2017

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