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Many of us have the habit of noting down our daily experiences and whereabouts in a diary or journal. Everyone has their own way to express their feelings, pour down their thoughts in to the diary as and when they feel the need. Veeta Singh has come up with a fabulous and unique gifting option to impress the special one in your life. Today we have got a chance to review her festive gifts and we are so excited about its particulars. Hope our review excites you and gives you a thrill to buy one immediately! Veeta brings two journals named ‘SOJOURN’ & ‘THE ISM’ which will render the user to spark love, creativity, self-confidence, improve communication skills and amplify their emotional intelligence.

These journals are beyond general notebooks and diaries; it is a therapist that inculcates self reflective activities for self-improvement.

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Packaging: Box packing

Price: ₹ 1500 each

You can shop for the journals here at a discounted rate of just ₹ 750.

To Buy SOJOURN – Click here 

To Buy ISM – Click here 


  • Both these journals act as self help instruments that connect you to the outer world and inner mystics.
  • Confidently records the story of your life and personal wisdom
  • It makes your life more manageable and accessible.
  • Sojourn has lined, graphed, and gridded multicolored pages that help you track multiple projects as you go on.
  • The Ism is a therapist having accumulated wisdom from the ancestors that directs our course of actions.
  • Both journals take the scientific approach in tweaking cognitive mental imagery that refers to the self reflections of the past, various life lessons learnt, and applying those to the present situation.
  • Maintaining this journal helps you evolve as an individual.
  • Sojourn has a 24 hour grid that helps you record your day by the hour.
  • The Ism consists of colored pages with mystic formulations, verses, shlokas, and symbols that stimulate the mind and generates positive thinking and wisdom.

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Benefits Of Daily Journaling:

  • Ignite Creativity – generates personal development in all facets of life.
  • Helps achieve goals by self reflection.
  • Helps to overcome past frustrations and future anxieties and evokes mindfulness.
  • Increase self awareness, mental clarity, focus, emotional intelligence and problem solving tactics.
  • Use hand and brain to boost memory and comprehension skills.
  • Strengthen self-discipline.
  • Helps improve IQ by connecting to values, goals and emotions.
  • Improve communication skills.
  • Boost your self-esteem and mood though increased self-confidence.


  • Records your life story in a precise and creative way.
  • Helps boost your communication skills and self-confidence.
  • It stimulates the mind to create positive thoughts and wisdom.
  • Helps you plan and achieve your daily goals more efficiently.
  • It’s a perfect gifting solution for your loved ones.
  • It is scientifically crafted for self-improvement.
  • It introduces you to the new and better personality you have evolved to.
  • It’s a creative and unique gift.
  • Easily available in all book stores and with online retailers.


  • It’s expensive as compared to the usual diaries. However, the journals are worth the price you’ll pay.

My Verdict:

amazing journal, it is more than just a dairy!

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Rediscover and emerge as a better person after using these Journals. Go beyond the idea of preserving your memories. This daily activity will lead you to the life of your dreams!!

Happy Journaling!!

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