The Boy Julian Mackay, the Land of Bison & Moscow!


Once upon a time in Moscow…lived a tiny blond boy named Julian Mackay who belonged to the land of bison .i.e. Montana who started living in Moscow, Russia at a very tender age. In his age where other people start getting into a quandary that easily and erupt into fits of laughter delivering jokes and biting their nails, Julian smiles and becomes poised neatly.

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After winning a YAGPE BALLET COMPETITION at age 11, the Montana native Julian Mackay was invited to join the renowned BOLSHOI BALLET ACADEMY which is situated in Moscow, Russia. He is the first American to earn a full Russian diploma by graduating from both the lower and upper schools of the academy.

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After graduation he won a PRIX DA LAUSANNE at just 17, securing a year-long apprenticeship at the ROYAL BALLET in London.  This Summer he will be starring as the youngest soloist at the prestigious MIKHAILOVSKY THEATRE in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Too much of his experience he said: “It’s been a crazy ride, from the moment the Bolshoi Ballet Academy scouts found me in New York after I won a Youth America Grand Prix medal when I was 11,” he says, recalling the performance that changed everything. “They invited me to train in Moscow on a trial run. In the beginning, it was so hard because only three people at the school spoke English. But by the end of the first year, I was fluent in Russian. My classmates had accepted me completely.”

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Julian  belongs to the extraordinary Khan-Mackay family which boasts four ballet dancers from the family. What makes the Khan-MacKay family special is that the four siblings – Maria Sascha, Nadia, Julian and Nicholas – have not inherited dancing from their parents, nor do they come from London, New York or Paris, where you can have a regular  trips to the ballet as normal events, but are from Montana, “Land of the Shining Mountains” and more recently “The Last Best Place”.

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Dispersed around the globe  the family is busy training and dancing, with Maria Sascha Khan at the Bayerisches Staatsballett in Munich, Nadia Khan with the Compañía Nacional de Danza in Spain, and the boys Julian MacKay and Nicholas MacKay both training at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy. As an elder sister, Maria Sascha, asks, “I was born on the porch of the midwife’s log cabin, in Montana, USA. How do you get from there to an international career in ballet?”

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With his vision to become a principal dancer, we wish Julian to become an inspiration to everyone who come across to him.

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