Reasons Why Watching The Jungle Book Was the Best 1 Hour 50 Minutes of Your Life


Walt Disney’s The Jungle Book dazzles in a wonderful new version, directed by Jon Favreau. Released two months ago, the movie generated a lot of buzz and theatres were booked full for weeks and weeks. The classic tale, in its new take, takes the fun of its 1967 counterpart and turns it into magic.

This is why watching The Jungle Book was the best hour-and-50-minutes of your life!

1. Childhood Revisited!

Sitting in that theatre seat, 3D glasses on and popcorn in hand, you were a child again. You watched your favorite characters come to life once more. You sang along to The Bare Necessities, felt shivers of fear when Shere Khan growled, and shared in the triumph when Mowgli gets the better of him.

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2. The Amazing, Amazing Visuals

“The goal here is for people to not know what is real and what is not real,” said director Jon Favreau. Well, he certainly made that happen. With visual effects director Rob Legato of Oscar-winning Avatar fame on board, Favreau and his team created a world unlike any other, with lush green trees, raging waterfalls, and plenty of wild animals. The jungle is made a magical place, a thrill for nature lovers and an enigma for the simple-minded.

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3. The Animals!

Happiness galore for all the animal lovers out there! What better movie is there to watch, than one absolutely filled with animals, and only one tiny human? There are adorable little wolf pups, accompanied by majestic adults. There is a shiny black panther, whose big head and nose you just want to rub. There is a big, fat and immensely huggable bear. Though frightening, there is a shaggy tiger with a big furry head. There is even a little wild pig!

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4. The Man-cub Himself

Shaggy unkempt hair, big eyes with a twinkle of mischief, looking for adventure in the little things – Neel Sethi makes the perfect Mowgli. For a first-timer, he has done a great job. He puts in just the right amount of emotion in his acting; not too much that one usually sees in child actors, not too less that resembles a bored kid.

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5. The Emotion Factor

Right from the beginning, emotions ran rife in the movie. It starts with the runt of the pup litter, and the gentle love of the wolf mother for her adopted man-cub. You might have found yourself fighting tears when they touched heads in the pouring rain. Baby Mowgli waddling out of the cave, touching Bagheera’s face, unafraid was such an aww-inducing moment. Baloo getting Mowgli to go back to the man village, Mowgli’s anger and guilt about Akela, the accidental forest fire due to the embers of the “red flower”, and so much more… The movie tugs at your heart strings in a way that leaves you wondering if this really was the fun-filled animation you remember from your childhood. But you leave the theatre loving it that much anyway.

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All that’s left to say is, Thank You Disney!

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