After watching the film Kajarya, I was deprived of sensation. Madhureeta Anand has directed this film.  Kajarya is a forthright and blunt film that will rage storm amongst you all. It’s quite heart-rending and leaves us all contemplating on the consequential issue of Female Infanticide.

The film starts with an establishment shot of Kajarya (Meenu Hooda) lying on a charpai and is awakened by a man named Banwari (Kuldeep Ruhil). Both of them are involved in a doleful sin of slaying baby girls under the false colors of pious rites in the village of Haryana.

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A bold journalist named Meera (Ridhima Sood), unveils this heinous crime later in the story. She is a modern girl who smells something peculiar going on in the village and seeks to know the truth.

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Most of the male characters shown in this film are male chauvinists while on the other hand, female characters shown are smarter. She is used by even her boyfriend for sex, and dumps her later in the story. The film is entwined around Kajarya (Traditional woman) and Meera (Modern Girl).

The film highlights what is wrong with this society. Sex Determination, Female Infanticide, Genital Mutilation, Rapes and all such horrors which happen under the garb of misguided culture.  Such atrocious crimes are still rampant in our society. Our society must be estranged from such misogynists. A staggering number of 10 million girls have been killed in our society since 1980s. This film takes a brave step in addressing the issues.

Where are women safe? Where is the humanity lost? When would this farce come to an end?

This film is a must watch as it leaves us thinking whether the society is responsible, the whole system is responsible or Kajarya is responsible for the slaying of girl child!

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