10 Best Quotes of Kangana Ranaut That Makes Her Outstanding


If there is any actress in Bollywood who has proved herself time and again with her acting, it is definitely Kangana Ranaut. This damsel from Himachal Pradesh is the perfect example of hard work and commitment. She also undoubtedly owns the brains that you need to survive, unlike many other actresses.

Kangana, over the years, has made some strong statements fearlessly, and these words will surely be remembered for years. We bring to you some of her best quotes that will teach you a lesson or two in less than five minutes of your time!

When she was against the whole concept of ‘Fair’

Most of us are obsessed with being fair, thanks to numerous whitening advertisements. But Kangana rejected a multi-crore advertisement to promote a fairness cream, thus setting an example for other actors!

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When she was against physical abuse of any sort

Be it your parents or some other person, she was strictly against raising a hand against anybody because it is a violation of your dignity.

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When she nailed the definition of Feminine

We live in a country where girls are brought up to be all prim and fancy. Kangana iterates the need to change this notion.

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When she brought empowerment and self-evolution on the same page   

Women empowerment activities are most often designed to put down the males in our society. It is not about proving yourself to be better, it is all about changing perspectives.

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When she honestly described life in Mumbai

While most actors call Mumbai the city of dreams, Kangana was one actor to admit the city is just too busy and people hardly have time for themselves!

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When she stated why it is difficult for girls to move ahead

As a woman, she herself had to go through a lot to reach where she is now and she put those struggles in these true words.

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When she shunned the notion of marriage

In a race to make their daughter fit for marriage, parents often end up not realizing that there were other races that she could have won!

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When she stated that we need to get up and earn our respect

Kangana proved that in life, as women, if we need something we need to get up and work for it. There could no better example then Kangana!

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When she specified that rebellious doesn’t mean irresponsible

Society always sees someone rebellious unworthy or ‘good for nothing’. But Kangana shuts their mouth with these words.

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Take a bow, you Queen!

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