Karva Chauth Special – Important Ways to Prevent Any Health Issues

Karva Chauth
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Karva Chauth is one of the most special occasions we celebrate every year. We are very well aware of the fact that in Hindu culture and traditions Karva Chauth has a unique significance, married women and even the unmarried girls keep fast for the longevity of their life partners and keep their selves away from food and water throughout the day.  But, paying a little mind to certain things we can make this day more special.

Take care of some common health problems  

Ladies, you should ensure that you face no health problem like acidity, low blood pressure or nausea during the fast or else these will ruin your whole day. We all know that to cut off food and water for a day is very taxing and makes one feel very low, so you better make sure to eat healthy and enough food  before the sunrise, to keep yourself active and feel good the whole day.

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What to have before starting fast..

Go for a light breakfast like fruits, cereals or multi-grain flour before the sunrise and you can also include the home made cheese to your meals with handful of nuts. It will add enough amounts of fibers, proteins and calories to your body to help you prevent headache and fainting. Don’t forget to eat pomegranate, it help to control thirst for whole day long. Fruits Kava Chauth

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What about Sweets…

When asked upon Dietitian Sheela Seharawat suggested that “Though, you might be an admirer of sweets and just can’t keep your hands off them, but for a day you will have to. Sweets enhance the craving for more food and can make you think about food all day long.  Never go for myth of having heavy meals before the fasting thinking it might help you survive easily. Instead, eating the right food in right proportion will help you more.”

After surviving those long hours waiting for food, when it’s finally the time, keep yourself away from things like tea and oily food, as the amount of acid in your stomach becomes high while fasting. And if you do, is going to make you feel uneasy from inside. Go for the light food with high cholesterol and protein; it will help you regain the energy withdrawn by the body and make you feel more active and comfortable.

Doing such things can prevent the unwanted health issues and make your day a special one.

And ladies, don’t forget to get yourself a good sleep…

Dietitian Sheela Seharawat.

(Founder of the Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd.)



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