Kate Middleton and childish media coverage


Let’s look into media’s heights of importance of covering and zooming of Kate Middleton’s un-polished feet

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are here in India. Well, every time they do not go on a royal tour often, but yes when they do they really make it count. And when it comes to Kate Middleton whole world is a fan of her, being a royal fashionista—-as how she dresses up well on every occasion or every visit to any official meet. We personally love her every ‘avataar.’ Indians are excited about their visit to India and how Kate is enjoying her trip to India is something more important for Indian media. The royals met with young Indian entrepreneurs, celebrities, spent time with underprivileged children, visited Prime Minister and we also saw them playing cricket along with cricket star Sachin Tendulkar.

However, what has made most news during journey so far that the Duchess of Cambridge was seen with an un-pedicured feet. Whatttttt?…!!! Oh! Why the media is so loyal to cover every ‘sach saamne aana hain’ ? It is so ridiculous to cover such stories. Let’s reveal what’s so ridiculous. On seventh day of official visit, Kate goes bare feet at the Gandhi Smriti Museum. As she is not a fan of nail paint and wears only neutral shades on fingers. But, the Indian media has not left any single way to zoom out her feet. Experts revealed from corns to clawed toes, bunions to fallen arches. They feel Duchess has ruined her feet by wearing high heels and pointy shoes. Also the media revealed out a few health issues such as fifth toe migrating underneath the others, causing Tailor’s bunion; enlargement of her big toe may lead to painful arthritis problem. There’s end to media’s prediction towards what her every single toe reveals. Infact, experts also suggests her to wear flat; sensible heels, especially in Indian heat.

It is pretty shameful work what the media has done from noticing Kate’s feet. Instead of giving importance to their visit to Gandhi Smriti Museum and how Kate and William followed in Gandhi’s footsteps, making the walk from his bedroom to where he was assassinated in the garden. Indian media should stop such childish coverage and concentrate on the real motto of the subject.

Checkout few pics of her:

What TOI says –


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What Daily Mail UK says –

Daily mail

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Can we be a little sensible and report intelligently?

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