No sooner has an upbeat music made an entry, the internet is ablaze with various versions of it. Be it a remix, dance, choreography, classical versions or fusion videos, we find so many varieties. And needless to say, most of them are brilliant. When the song Kala chashma was released it instantly became a hit. While dancers took to experimenting with it, singers were not behind. However, we found a Kathak fusion on this peppy number and we are loving it!


Kathak fusion on Kala Chashma

Kala Chashma | Kathak Fusion | Heli Daruwala | Kumar Sharma | Swapna

Posted by Heli Daruwala on Thursday, June 1, 2017


The video was posted by Heli Daruwala, a popular model and Telly actress on her social media page.  Heli is known for her performance in shows like Nisha aur uske cousins. Dressed in bright colors with synchronized steps, this video is all kinds of beautiful.

These moves have sure got us grooving. How about you?




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