For all those of you who are always on the look-out for healthy eating options, there are many diets available that do good to your body. You would’ve tried many of those and most often than not, those do not seem to show any results, right? If you have heard the term Keto Diet, and want to know more about it, you’ve clicked the right tab.

As should be the case with most diets, you should make good efforts to know A to Z about it. Not only that, you must also talk to a few people before venturing on to a new diet. This is essential because one wrong move and your health could go for a toss. If Keto diet is on your radar, we have here all the information that you need to know. Scroll ahead for a healthy new diet!

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What is Keto Diet?

Ketogenic Diet, also known as keto diet, in short, is a high fat-low carbohydrate diet. Basically, you eat very little food that has carbohydrates in it and turn your body into a fat burning furnace. Keto diet is different from other diets because it allows for relatively lesser protein in your diet. The aim is to reach the optimum level of ketosis, which is making your body produce high levels of ketone. This will consequently initiate weight loss, better health, more physical and mental strength etc.

How do I follow a Keto diet?

In order to undergo ketosis, you must avoid carbohydrates as much as possible to produce ketones. On a Keto diet, you fuel your body to function entirely on fat. When you give your body the platform to use all your fat stores, you start to lose weight.

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What can I eat in a Keto Diet?

Any food that has high carb levels or any processed foods is a complete No. For meat lovers, you can eat any grass-fed meat which includes beef, lamb etc. You can also eat sea food, ghee, butter etc which are high on omega 3 fats.

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For vegetarians, the options are much diverse. Stock your pantry with loads of leafy vegetables, natural lemon products, spices and herbs. Feel free to gorge on mushrooms, eggplants, tomatoes, sprouts and sea vegetables.

What you need to avoid is all processed foods, tropical fruits, refined fats, milk, alcohol etc.

Remember to get a body check-up done before you get into the diet to avoid any complications. It is always better to be fully aware of your bodily needs before you try anything new. If all is well, a keto diet could change your lives for better!

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