You are in a mall shopping and suddenly your toddler is flat on the floor, thumping his hands angrily on the floor and demanding to have the toy car! And you amidst all the other onlookers, get a little embarrassed and fall prey to your kids tantrums and go buy the toy he wanted. Does this story look familiar to you? If yes, here are a few easy yet effective methods to deal with your kids tantrums.

Distract the Kid

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This far most is the best way to alleviate your kid from the tantrum fiesta. Carry subtle things in your bag which will help to distract your kid and he/she will forget about the meltdown they just experienced. Keep small toys which they haven’t played for a while, interesting books or even yummy snacks for that matter. You know your kid’s taste and hence keeping such tools which will allure your kid into good behavior becomes easier. You have to be the magician and bring out goodies from your magic bag to get your kids on track. Go, stack your bag right away!

Speak Calmly

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This one is a tough call, it is easier said than done. It is very difficult to keep our cool when the kid is in a horrible meltdown. Tantrums on most occasions are to get attention from the parents and speaking calmly can be the best way to let your kid know that they have your 100% attention. It also reinforces the fact that meltdowns does not always convert into getting what they want. Stay relaxed, try to be unperturbed and speak calmly with your kid.

Manage the Tantrum Triggers

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Try and avoid the situations in which your kid might start a tantrum. If you can manage the triggers well then you can avoid into getting pulled in the meltdowns. When your kid becomes grumpy when hungry, make sure he/she is fed well at the right time intervals. If before nap time is the trigger point, start putting him/her to sleep before the tantrum begins. Try to avoid kids toy section when you go for shopping, if you know it’s the spot where the next meltdown will happen. Simple ways to avoid the storm before it hits you!

Take your kid out of the Tantrum Zone

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Taking your kid out of the tantrum zone helps the kid to snap out of his/her meltdown. If you are at friends place and your kid starts a tantrum, pick him/her up and get out of the house into the pen air for some time. The change in venue plays the trick. Same applies for malls and stores, get your kid out of that store or that department to let him/her come out of the meltdown.

Try to Find Out Why Your Kid is Frustrated

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It becomes difficult to know what your kid wants, if your kid is between the 1 to 2 years age bracket and talks only some random words and not sentences as yet. The situation gets tricky in this scenario. What you can do is ask your kid to point out what exactly they want or teach them some keywords like food, water, more, no. Most of the times the kid is frustrated because he/she cannot communicate their say to the parents which result in frequent meltdowns. Try and reduce that gap to lessen the frequency of tantrums.

Giving Incentives for Good Behavior

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Sometimes it is good to enforce positive behavior in kids by giving incentives on good behavior. For example if your kid behaved well at a family function, finished his/her meal without much fuss, shared toys with siblings and friends then reward the child with a small token making him/her realize that good behavior is appreciated. This will help in inculcating good values in your kid too and thus reduce the meltdowns.

These simple ways will ensure that you at least reduce the frequency of tantrums if not get rid of the meltdowns completely. Know your kid and handle the tantrums efficiently with our tricks.


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