7 Ways To Teach Your Kids Tolerance – A Guide For Parents


Children as we all know are very innocent! It’s the right time we can inculcate tolerance into their attitude. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, any family member or just a neighbor; you share equal responsibilities to teach tolerance to the child. Introducing the seed of acceptance at an early age will make this work friendlier and understanding place to live in. Kids are easily influenced personalities that are still creating a perspective view of the world around. Thus it is important to teach children about the good and bad influences in their lives. Expose them to positive role models and diversity in everything. The acceptance of people from different regions, religions, sects, gender, physical and intellectual disabilities, and everything in between is a must.

These are some easy ways you can foster tolerance in your children –

#1 Teach Children To Love

If we want to teach them something, we ourselves need to set an example for our kids. Teach them to love people irrespective of their differences. Advice them to help anyone in need; don’t miss out on animals here.

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#2 Foster Self-Esteem And Self-Confidence

Children who are confident and proud of themselves will easily embrace differences. Make children feel secured and safe. Push them to explore the world and debate upon opposing views and temperaments. Teach them to value others opinions while valuing their own beliefs.

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#3 Expose Them To Diversity

Exposing children to diverse situations, persons and places is essential. You need to teach them to respect others irrespective of their differences. Give them an opportunity to play and work with kids from different cultures and backgrounds. Involve kids in activities like camping, day-care and sports where people of different cultures and beliefs come together. You need not accept or adopt the differences but definitely learn to respect what others value.

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#4 Stick To Family Traditions

Every family has their own set of traditions and values. Edify your kids to enjoy moments with family and help them celebrate family traditions on holidays or special occasions. Help them honor and learn about other’s traditions out of their own comfort zone.

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#5 Respond To Questions

Kids keep on asking questions; some may be silly, others may be hard to answer. Try and answer every question even if you don’t have a good answer to them. Silence can lead children into uncomfortable spots where they stop to discuss or share their feelings. Answer them honestly and discuss things with them in a respectful manner.

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#6 Choose Exposure To Media

Media plays an important role in shaping the attitudes of children. Choose different movies, programs, games, and stories that teach understanding and good values to children. Avoid abusive or stuff that’s prejudice. Be sure to talk about everything you watch that’s discriminating or offensive and the damage it can cause to those groups.

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#7 Inculcate Positivity

Avoid using negative responses or ideation. Instead of saying ‘no’ or ‘don’t do that’ offer helpful suggestions like ‘be gentle with your sister’ or ‘do this instead’. These positive comments will encourage your child to be more productive and reinforce their tolerant behavior gradually.

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These are some amazing practical ways of teaching your child about tolerance. Kids won’t understand what it means literally. However, they will understand the concept of tolerance though your supportive lessons and exemplary tips!!

Initiate today! Take the first step yourself!!

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