Flawless skin and of course stunningly beautiful face is what comes to our mind when we think of fashion models and brand ambassadors. Viva N Diva, a clothing fashion label, have signed acid attack survivor Laxmi associated with the Stop Acid Attacks Organization, as their face.

Laxmi added that these types of initiatives change mindset and she have personally experienced it when she got her first anchoring assignment. She said “When we walked the ramp during a program organized by Hindustan Times in Lucknow, people supported us. I am sure this initiative will also bring about a positive change”.

This step has not been taken as a form of charity, “We have worked with Laxmi like we work with any other model — both in terms of payment and profit sharing as well as in terms of the shoot,” the brand’s representative, Ayushi has said in an interview.

“People often laugh at our looks. Children get scared and call us ghosts. When such initiatives are undertaken, they make people understand that we, too, are like regular women. Although our faces have been ruined, beauty still lies within us,” says Laxmi.

Laxmi stated, “Even though our faces have been ruined, beauty still lies within us”. This actually makes the real sense of beauty.

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