Leftover Chapattis: 5 Appetizing Ways To Reuse The Indian Flat Bread

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Chapattis or the Indian flat bread is a common staple in most Indian homes. It’s a tradition and culture that serves rotis along with sabzi (vegetable curry) or scrumptious meat offerings (chicken or mutton curry). Sometimes these mundane cuisines make us fussy and we tend to waste food. While the kids get crankier, moms get angrier!! One stop solution for using leftover chapattis is to get creative with your cooking. You need to refurbish the chapattis! You’ll be surprised to find some exotic and delicious ways to serve leftovers without anybody noticing it.

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Here are some quick fixes for reusing leftover chapattis –

Leftover Chapatti Noodles

The hot piping noodles with a dose of nutritious veggies can never be so appetizing! Make the noodle retreat healthier by using leftover rotis. Notice how quickly your fussy kids grab a plate and turn it down their tummies instantly. Learn how to make chapatti noodles here.

Leftover Chapattis Noodles
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Spicy Kothu Parota

Straight from the streets of Tamil Nadu we present this yummylicious fusion of minced chapatti pounded with eggs, meat, veggies and spices to savor your palate. Complement this dish with onion or boondi raaita. Follow the tasty recipe here.

Leftover Chapattis Kothu Parota
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Delicious Malida Ladoo Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a quick and instant dessert recipe. Malida a traditional Afghan recipe is made from wheat flour, jaggery and dates along with a dash of dry fruits. Jaggery and dates are great substitutes for sugar and they elevate the nutritive value of the dish. This traditional dish can be made with leftover chapattis too. Quickly view the healthy snack recipe here.

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Healthy Roti Pizza Snack

Does your mouth water on hearing ‘Pizzzaaaahh’!!! And when the delicious retreat becomes healthier you just cannot resist having one. Leftover rotis with the goodness of vegetables and richness of cheese results in the most awaited dish of the day. Enjoy roti pizzas!! Note the recipe.

Leftover chapattis pizza
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Tasty Crunchy Chapatti Chips With Veggie Yogurt Dip

Bring a crunch to your breakfast with such super crusty chapatti chip recipe. Donned with spices and flavors of your choice these baked chapatti chips will make a mouth-watering delight for kids and family. It tastes best when served with vegetable yogurt dip.

Leftover Chapattis Chips
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I can bet your Indian flat bread is no more just a dining table staple for you. You will save some rotis on purpose to try out these easy and appetizing dishes.

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