Before the Flood is a documentary film directed by Fisher Stevens. The Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio travels around the world to explore the adverse effects of Climate Change. Leonardo DiCaprio being an executive producer was also joined by big Hollywood directors like Martin Scorsese and Brett Ratner.

Climate Change is a burning issue these days resulting in devastating effects. Several issues like Pollution in China, Sea- Level Rise in Florida and low lying Pacific islands and climate change counter-statement of industry in U.S are featured in this film. The Oscar Award Winning actor spreads a message through his documentary and it is not about making money. The film also encompasses the interview with President Barack Obama.

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The film was premiered on National Geographic YouTube Channel and can be watched for free on YouTube. Watch the film now to make out what message the actor wants to spread!

The actor and activist, Leonardo DiCaprio, known for his perturbation on climate change, environment and animal rights also did a documentary named “Cowspiracy” supporting the Anti-Beef Movement.

Leonardo DiCaprio
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Leonardo DiCaprio warning people on Climate Change through his hard-hitting documentary is definitely a must watch!

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