As they say “as you sow, so will you reap”, it becomes imperative for parents to endow their children with right kind of education right from the time when their senses start gauging the world. It is needless to mention that home is the first school and mother first teacher. Even before a child is born parents start thinking on best ways to groom their child so that he or she becomes a responsible member of the family and society as well. Given the importance and preference attached to the male child in our society, it becomes even more important to imbibe your son with moral virtues befitting a good member of family, society and nation.

 Here are five most important lessons a son should be taught:

  1. Respect Women

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This is top of the chart. Witnessing what today’s generation is like and sharp increase in crimes against women, this is the most important lesson to be taught. We need to tell them that “strong boys don’t make girls cry”. A gentleman is required to protect them irrespective of acquaintance or not. Women are pride of any community. Chivalry is another aspect of this lesson which is also required to be drilled in the naïve minds of boys.

  1. Respect Your Elders
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In this materialistic world where joint families have given way to nuclear families, respect for elders is dwindling day by day. This lesson in particular requires that children must be taught by an example rather than telling them to respect their elders. So if we as parents respect our elders, there are no reasons our kids will not follow our suit.

  1. Be Happy
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Happiness comes from within. As no parent can afford to see their son in distress but in this unforgiving world where one is judged by their accomplishments and achievements, failures can easily invest melancholy and despair in children.

A mentally strong and emotionally content child will not succumb to these nerve-wrecking pressures and instead instill in him the spirit to force his way through web of failures towards success and glory. A person stung with the bug of sadness surely cannot discover the inner strength that will propel him to new zenith of success. “If you are not happy you can’t keep people around you happy”, that’s the most important mantra for life. Let them join dance classes, art classes, music classes or any other activity that purveys them with satisfaction and happiness apart from challenging their mental faculties.

  1. Be Independent
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Well, this point have different connotations given the context in which this point is being discussed, here being independent implies that he should be able to survive without his mother sister or wife. He should know how to cook, iron his clothes, sew, clean his room and home as well. This point gains more traction given the kind of solitary work environs our youngsters are required to engage with.

In recent years with new found career opportunities being available to women, man has lost his status of the sole breadwinner of the family and an independent man will not only help in daily chores but will also alleviate the pressure of both the worlds for the  women. Papa making a steaming hot cup of coffee for mommy returning from work can serve as best example to further this impression on the son who watches his mother beam with joy and filled with vigor.

  1. How to give it back
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This is yet another important lesson. In a world full of bullies and power-mongers, he should know how to give it back to the bullies. Along with physical strength, he should be emotionally strengthened to not only withstand any subjugation but also prevent it from happening. He should also be taught to not be a spectator in such situations and fight back against all odds.

The list goes on and keeps on changing with time. But have you listed down lessons you want to teach your son. If not then go ahead pen them down. You are also encouraged to get back to us with your list so that we can share your ideas with our viewers and make this world a better place for living.

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