Dear Mother/Mom,

Happy Mother’s day to you. Till a couple of years back, this day was just a day for me to wish you, to bring you some flowers, maybe a cake and a gift, bought after taking some money from dad.

I never really understood what meaning it might hold in your heart. Today I do.

Today I am a mother myself.

It took me an adorable little darling soul to show me how much my mother loves me.

What kind of a place I might have in your heart. How your world starts and stops with me. How you must have suddenly let go of all your priorities, your aims, your goals, the minute you heard my first heart beats, even before I came into this world.

10500460_10152754637293124_1499781984803204170_nHow your morning must have begun with thinking about my schedule, my demands, my needs, my happiness. How even after you closed your eyes in the night, you must have kept on thinking about what you could do to make my life a little more better.

How even after you hated cooking, you kept on coming up with so many delicacies just to suit my taste buds. How you skipped living more than 20 years of your life for yourself. How my dreams became your dreams, how my goals became of the utmost importance to you. You knew perfectly well when to hold on to me, when to support me, when to dance with me and when to let go of me.

To be honest I really took everything of this, all the minutest of the sacrifices on your part for granted. And sometimes still do. But after this adorable little devil came into my life, I understand. I understand you on a much deeper level. And I appreciate you. For everything that I have realized, and million more things that I still have not.

1002896_10152192395318124_6139744179002281667_nYou have taught me the real meaning of unconditional love. Something, that I can hope to pass on to my daughter. I know that given a choice, you will do all of this all over again a million times more. I know I will too.

Even if I can be one half of the awesome mother that you were to me, I would consider my daughter really lucky.    

And at the same time I would thank my daughter. Dear daughter, you to make me realize, what kind of place I have in my mother’s heart, in her life. And thank you for making me a mother, for introducing me to this unknown, terrifyingly beautiful, overwhelming and all-consuming kind of love, that I feel for you.

Today on mother’s day, I take this opportunity to acknowledge, appreciate and celebrate this unique, selfless and the best kind of relationship between a mother and her kid.

Thank you mothers. Thank you kids.

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Juilee Desai - Creative Scribbler - Juilee is MBA by education, entrepreneur by marriage, cake designer in her past, accountant by profession and a blogger by passion. Mommy to an adorable 2 year old devil, Juilee is trying to simplify life and trying to appreciate the beautiful nuances of life.


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