#Letter – A woman who awaits for her baby gives hope to every woman awaiting the miracle


A woman who awaits for the biggest blessing from God, writes this letter giving hope to every woman who awaits the miracle to happen. A dream a married couple longs for together……It reminds all of us of all the ‘social conventions’ one goes through post marriage.


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Dear Baby, 

How are you? I’m sure you are doing great right now. I can say this because I know you are currently residing in one of the best places: heaven, and you are being taken care of by none other than the almighty, the supreme power!

In the last few days, rather months, we both have been thinking about you. We have been wondering when do you plan to appear on earth. We have loads of questions to ask you, lots of things to share, and talk to you. So I thought sending a letter would be the best medium to communicate with you at present. I tried to get in touch with God via the conventional human means – consistent, honest and truthful prayers. Here on earth it is believed that God answers prayers that are made with purity and sincerity of heart. I even tried reaching Him by following various rituals/poojas as it is understood that God grants all the wishes of people who pray regularly. However, I was curious to know when He was finally going to permit your entry on earth but I didn’t receive a concrete response. I wish I knew God’s E-mail address, or even His WhatsApp number! It would have perhaps been easier to get in touch with Him that way. I completely understand that God must be busy solving everyone’s problems. But in today’s high tech world, He needs to be accessible to humans at the tip of a finger. I hope you will deliver this letter to Him on our behalf and convey our feelings once you receive it.

When we got married we assumed that you would come into our lives like your counterparts. Here on earth having a baby is considered as the subsequent step to marriage. Never in our dreams did we ever imagine that it would take so long for you to be a part of our family. Don’t you feel that it is high time you made your appearance on earth, like your other baby friends? Are you in touch with them? Don’t your baby friends share news and facts about how much their parents love them and how their parents are happy to have them here on earth? I am sure you do, and we are eager to share these experiences with you too!

Everyone in our families including your grandparents are fervently waiting to welcome you here on earth. In fact, sometimes we feel they are awaiting your arrival more than we are! Whenever we attend any social functions, or visit any relative’s place, there is only one persistent question that is thrown at us. The question is centred on you, dear baby. They want to know when you are going to show up in our lives. And we are left speechless as we don’t know your whereabouts.

Every month we hope, wish and pray that you decide it is time, and finally plan to be with us. But as each month passes what we are left with is just our hope, only the remnant of our dreams. You make frequent appearances in our dreams, our imaginations. You occupy our thoughts too. Sometimes to me you look like the baby from the movie “Baby’s Day Out”, cute, sharp, and intelligent. When we see other babies with their parents at shopping malls, parks or houses, we secretly wish that you were here with us. When we see Facebook posts of parents announcing the arrival of their little bundle of joy, we long for you even more! Getting glimpses of the lovely pink faces and those tiny hands reminds us of you.

I hope when this letter reaches you, you take into consideration the gravity of our feelings. I hope you convey our feelings to God as well. Let us know, if there is anything in particular from our end that you need us to do, so that we can have you onboard as soon as possible. Don’t forget to keep us posted on your current whereabouts and your plans.

Hope to meet you soon.

Mom and Dad

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