2016 is near to an end. All of us made resolutions, some stuck to them for the entire year, some for months while some for weeks. Good work guys who stuck around and never mind those who couldn’t.

But now 2017 is here and we have some kick ass life commandments for you to live by in 2017.

Stylewhack team hopes and wishes that these life commandments transform your life!

1. Choose a Word for 2017

Instead of making resolutions, choose single word to live by for 2017. This one word represents who you want to be and how you want to live. For example – Gratitude, then choose a life full of gratitude and be thankful for every blessing in your life.

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2. Find Your Own God

You might be an atheist, a god believer or somewhere in between. But find your own God for 2017 – It may be meditation, yoga, your child’s laughter, a place under a tree. Just find that thing, activity, person or place which brings solace to you and make it your God for 2017.

Peace Commandments
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3. Be True to Yourself

For once and for all leave all the pretenses behind and BE TRUE TO YOURSELF! Feel that happiness, bear that pain and acknowledge the sorrow. Say what you want, do what you feel like and be true to yourself!

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4. Learn a New Skill

Learn one new skill, may that be even folding clothes properly. But do it. Want to start cooking meals, start working towards it. The sense of achievement you will get will be adrenaline gushing!

Learn a New Skill
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5. Hug More Often

Release that stress in your mind and body. Just hug your loved ones for tad bit longer and feel the bonding. Make it a practice for 2017.

Hug More
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6. Smile and Spread Happiness

Yes, smile! It makes a big difference. Take every opportunity to smile. Smile at the kid going to school, smile at the new neighbor, smile at the stranger in the library. Just smile and spread happiness 🙂

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7. Take that Long Wanted Dream Trip

Don’t wait for another year to take that long wanted trip. Go for it in 2017. Get your adrenaline all pumped up and fuel up the happiness hormones! Go on your adventure!

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So what are your commandments for 2017, share with us in comments below! We would love to hear about it 🙂

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She is a dynamic HR, an avid reader, an amateur poet and a natural writer. She is an ardent believer in God and tries to dig up happiness even in the darkest of mines. Join her as she takes you on a joyride called ‘life’.


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