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Stylewhack presents a brand new story series ‘The Raw Life‘ where we tell the ‘real’ stories to the world. This segment will showcase personal stories depicting the raw emotions of life – happiness, jealousy, sadness, betrayal, inspiration, fear, anger, surprise, disgust, gratitude simply any feeling that springs from within us! Here is our first story in the series by Sanchita Satalkar.

The Life Line

I stand by the window gazing at the morning sky. The sky turns in an orange shade, the sun rises slowly and gradually it shines bright and white. The city, slowly starts waking up.The birds have started the soft chirping. The early risers are on the way to jog and walk, office goers in their formal attire with the laptops, smart phones all set to take up the day and the school going kids waiting for the school bus to arrive. Now morning is in full swing. Then, I come back to my life within my house.

LifeMy son had left for the school. My husband was getting ready for the work. It was usual day, little did we know what was awaiting at the next turn in life. My husband, Gaurav had a routine medical checkup. No one could have possibly guessed the check up results. He came back home with a little low voice and grave face only to let me know that the Eco Cardio Gram (ECG) test is abnormal. We were advised to do the follow up test called 2D echo test. We could get an appointment only after two weeks. Meanwhile, we took a second opinion from doctor back home. He was also complaining of slight chest pain. He was advised not to run, lift heavy weights or do anything that might put a pressure on his heart. I also did not let him to lift our son for whatsoever reason. There was a constant fear and anxiety looming around us. No one could have possibly known how sick he was because he had just turned thirty four a month back and was a young and active father too. His weight was within limits and all other reports were normal. There was no history of such kind in his family as well. We were practicing a healthy diet and exercising though not as regular as we would like. What could have been wrong then? There were several sleepless nights, countless prayers, and it was as if the worst of nightmares had come true. Sunrise. Sunset. We started living one day at a time.

First and foremost change in our life was that we started empathizing. The usual trivial arguments such as what to eat, who will take the TV remote had suddenly vanished. There was surreal peace in our house and an unwanted silence had gripped our life. The quarrels over work at house suddenly disappeared. Each of us have lived many phases while evolving like childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, marriage, and parenting and for some divorce and death of loved ones as well. Each chapter has taught us new things and we have experienced both pain and joy. We started spending quality time with each other and as a family. We recollected the life we have built, the things we have loved, the dreams that are fulfilled, the moments of satisfaction we have cherished together. We were reminded of the challenges endured and strengths accumulated. We started living the life we always thought of the life we should live. My husband told me the certain passwords he was always skeptical to let me know. I learnt few of things that were done only by Gaurav earlier. Simple tasks like flight tickets or may be changing the batteries of our son’s toys. This low phase in our life taught us to look within ourselves, to overcome the shortcomings, it also showed us how much people care for us and to whom really do we matter. We also started practicing a healthier diet than what we were eating, food was not taken casually like before. During the same time, we heard of some two sudden heart attack cases within our friend circle. My heart skipped a beat. I wouldn’t and couldn’t possibly cry as I thought we still have to do the test ahead. We stopped taking each other for granted. We also learned to agree to disagree. We started having a midway in matters we didn’t agree together. I realized the importance of each person in my life.

The two anxious and never ending weeks finally came to end. The second test 2D echo was undertaken. We got the reports after two days and the consultation was done after two more days. We pondered, “When is the suspense going to end?” The day came, to our relief and by the grace of god the test report was normal. The reason for ECG being abnormal was either stress or a certain tendency exhibited by certain people showing an abnormal ECG. His chest pain, was a muscular pain and the doctor told us to take the test in another year again.

FamilySeveral phone calls were attended enquiring about Gaurav’s health. Our friends and family in Singapore as well as India were supportive and kind. We discovered how important part of life they are for us. To all those who were with us during those awful hours..days. I return your kindness in moments of reflection and gratitude for our life and everything in it. Thank you with all my heart. It has been few months since all this happened. But one thing I know: In this world, good is stronger than evil, love is stronger than hate and somewhere like a beautiful flower the individual soul survives through the worst of time.

Sometimes an experience changes us forever. Take nothing for granted not our bodies, loved ones or family and friends for today is promised. It was like a phoenix bird rising up from the ashes. Life falls to the right or left of the life line it paints right down the center of our life.

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About the Author –

Sanchita SatalkarSanchita Satalkar has completed her MBA in HR. She has worked in areas of HR and has a brief teaching experience at SIBM. Sanchita is a fitness enthusiast, avid reader and an aspiring writer. She has worked with Herald newspaper as a campus reporter while pursuing graduation. Her writing was recently published in the book “Best Of Kalamwali 2016” and “Rutugandha”. She is currently a full time mother of a three year old.






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