“Mom, I’m Gay.”

Too many mothers have had to face this PROBLEM in today’s times. We use the word PROBLEM here to indicate the point of view of constricted mind people who consider the following statement as the only truth of life – Heterosexuality is the only way of life.

Everything else is disregarded. Being anything out of societal constraints will lead one being ostracized or even worse stoned to death.  Coming from a liberal background makes it easier for people to accept the fact that men can like men or women can like women.

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Public Reactions

In order to understand who really are liberal and who still think homosexuality is a sin, we encourage you to conduct a social experiment. With the help of the most widely used public domain Facebook, change your relationship status stating you are dating a same gender person. You will find extreme reactions – society reacting to such acts as blatant stigmas while on the other side a group of folks who will be equally deeming it acceptable. These reactions will actually surprise you, showcasing that there are two distinct poles that draw society apart whiling keeping them together under one roof.

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Lifestyle Choice

It isn’t a lifestyle choice, it is who one is from beneath. Accepting oneself the way one is created, is the greatest achievements that one will always cherish.  As a parent, one must play a steady role. Children no matter how young are afraid and as a parent one must play a very supportive role.  Most parents who have been supportive of their children’s decisions seem to maintain cordial relationships throughout their life whereas many who believe in this so called ‘sin’ have disowned their offspring.  Religion should not interfere in such situations but most often it does come into play. As parents, one must look into the humane side of things and try to understand what your child is trying to convey or communicate. This gesture will strengthens your bond with the child, but it will also set a good example for many.

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Social media has had a key role in this process of coming out of the closet. Many adults and adolescents have used this medium to communicate their feelings to their parents and family. There are many videos on YouTube of children confessing to their parents about their homosexuality and there is a 50-50 chance of it going south. But all in all, homosexuality has gained more recognition as well as freedom in certain parts of the world while it is still punishable by law in some places.

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