#LifeLessons – 5 Lessons You Learn Staying Away From Family!!

For the sake of studies or job, staying away from family makes you more responsible in many ways. Helps to develop values for relationships and nurture them. You become smart and independent. Let’s You Be A Budget Guru! Staying away from family makes you skillful with wise utilization of finances and you develop value for … Read more

#CherishingMoments – Celebrating Father’s Day Today And Always – First Hero of Our Life

Many of us are close to our moms, as she is a protector and a life savior in all situations of our life. Have you ever noticed what your Father does for you? We always consider him as an Angry Man. But, that’s the other side of coin. If you would look back, you find … Read more

Why summer can never be a bummer! Beat the heat this summer season!

Summer season is here! While some of us are dreading this very thought, many others are jumping with joy. Reasons could be many but love remains the same. There is the sun and then there are other things that make summer worth waiting for. How to Beat Summer Heat 1. Eat/Drink all the cold cold … Read more

11 reasons to thank your best friend for everything they do

She was the one who laughed along with you for no reason, has seen you crazy, handed you tissues when you emotionally broke down and recommended you to a psychiatrist for your abnormal behavior. Wow! She has been there always, hasn’t she? You have probably already said you love her and always will, but have … Read more

DIY (Do It Yourself) Unique Chocolate Gifting Ideas

Everybody lusts chocolate. Chocolate unquestionably remains a perfect gifting idea in past and as well as in feature. Exchange of chocolates as a gift has become a new fad among us as it symbolizes love, affection, and concern. Chocolate may be of any kind dark, milk, bitter, white etc., it will always tune your mood … Read more