How To Develop Good Habits in Child – Important Tips

How to Develop Good Habits in Child

Do you want to know How to develop good habits in child? Your child is a reflection of you. As parents, it is important that you bring your child up in the best manner possible. None of us is perfect but we can at least try to be our best. Inducing good behavior in your … Read more

10 Things Parents Do On Social Media That Annoys Their Children

things parents do

Social media has become quite a popular word among all of us. We all might be using the social media. All of us might be having the different social media apps installed on our devices. If you have parents and if they are on social media, then you will definitely feel connected to these struggles. … Read more

9 Funny Indian Names That Will Make You Feel Grateful To Your Parents

funny indian names

“What is your name” is probably the definite question when we meet someone for the first time. The inquisitive feeling to know the other persons’ name will be in everyone by default. That is what motivates us in raising this question. But have you ever thought of such weird funny named people, how they feel … Read more

How to take care of 0-3 year child – Child Care Guide

take care of 0-3 year child

The initial years of a child are the most important years. Between the ages of 0-3 years a child’s mind and body should be given proper care. For any new parent raising a baby can be very tiresome and confusing. There are many small details that need to be taken care of. If these are … Read more

15 Questions That Will Get Your Kid Talking Freely About School

questions to ask kids

How often do you hear one-word answers such as “Good”, “Fine”, “Nothing” or “Ok” from your kids after they return from school? It’s a common complaint of many parents that their children do not open up or talk freely about their school. Getting your kids to start talking freely might be a task for many … Read more

Travel With Kids Happily – Here Are Some Useful Flight Tips For Parents

travel with kids

Travelling can be fun and enjoyable while we are single and even get to experience some new things when we are a couple, but traveling while we are parents can be a little bit tough as we will have our kids as responsibility. But considering this as a reason, we cannot just avoid traveling, and … Read more

Lifetime Lessons To Learn From Taare Zameen Par – Parenting Tips

taare zameen par movie

Released a decade ago, the superhit Bollywood movie ‘Taare Zameen Par’ has taught the audience some amazing lifetime lessons. The touching storyline is a smart parenting and teaching guide for all. It motivates and encourages the youth and younger generations to lead an ideal life. Taare Zameen Par Maa is a superhit emotional song portraying … Read more

30 Days Easy And Healthy Lunch Box Ideas – Happy Mealtime

healthy lunch box ideas

Be it children or adults many of us are picky eaters and this makes a lot of mess every morning. The poor mom is trying hard to please everyone with tasty food for lunch. What can be the best healthy packed lunch ideas? We face this dilemma every day. No matter what we do, last … Read more

7 Brain Game Apps Of 2017 To Make Kids Smarter – Parenting Ideas

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Physical activity and healthy food are essentials for a healthy body. But have you ever wondered which exercise is the best for your child’s brain? Just like a healthy physical form, training kids mind is very important. Before the advent of smartphones and ipads, parents used to involve kids in various creative activities to enhance … Read more