Reykjavik, on the coast of Iceland, the country’s capital and largest city, witnessed one of the best northern lights this Wednesday. City Council even switched off all the street lights and encouraged people to turn off their lights at home to have the best view of Northern Lights. 

IcelandThe city went dark till midnight and social media was flooded with images and videos of this spectacular view. Iceland being a scarcely populated arctic island, is privileged to witness the Northern lights for nearly 8 months a year. From August to April, one has a better chance of viewing it, if only the weather conditions are favorable.

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IcelandAurora borealis (or the northern lights) are produced when the magnetosphere is disturbed by solar winds and the trajectories of electrons and protons hit the top of atmosphere with high speed resulting in their loss of energy and emitting light of varying colors. They are predominantly seen in Arctic and Antarctic regions.


IcelandSuch celestial phenomenon is very difficult to be seen in crowded and populated places. Icelanders knew exactly how to watch aurora borealis the right way and that’s why the city went dark to let its residents and tourists enjoy it.

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