Lilly Singh Takes Break From YouTube To Take Care Of Her Mental Health

lilly singh takes break

Last updated on January 6th, 2019 at 05:32 pm

Lilly Singh is a very popular YouTube celebrity. She is popular for her YouTube Channel ||Superwoman||. She had even come up with a book How To Be Bawse which states itself as a guide to conquering life.

Early Life

Lilly Saini Singh was born on September 26, 1988, and raised in Scarborough, Toronto. She and her older sister, Tina — also now a YouTuber — were given a traditional Sikh upbringing by their parents, Malwinder and Sukhwinder, who had emigrated to Canada from Punjab. She dreamt of becoming a power ranger or a rapper but her parents had made her study psychology with a view to make her a counselor.

Lilly started posting YouTube videos in 2010 while she is a student. She did this in order to battle depression caused due to her lack of interest in conventional career choices.

Her first video received just 70 views. Success has been gradual. Being a YouTuber has afforded Singh total control over her output. She brainstorms, scripts, stars in, shoots and edits all her comedy videos herself. As her comic sketches grew in ambition, Singh began to play multiple characters in full make-up and costume.

Lilly Singh Takes Break From YouTube

YouTuber, our dear Superwoman has announced that she is taking steps to take care of her mental health. Lilly Singh has decided to take an indefinite break from the internet life as she needed to focus on her mental health. She released a statement to her fans explaining her decision in a video that she posted in her channel a few days ago.

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After eight years of posting content to her 14 million subscribers, the Canadian creator has revealed something that is really shocking.

“This is not clickbait. I’m not trying to get on the trending page. I’m not trying to make a dramatic thumbnail to get views,” she began, addressing her fans collectively known as #TeamSuper. “The title is not a lie. I am planning to take a break from YouTube” she said.

“Why do I want to take a break? There are many reasons,” Singh said. “First and foremost: my mental health. I am mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. I have been doing YouTube consistently for eight years.”

At the end of the day, Singh said she simply wants to take care of herself, work on her other projects, particularly in the social good space including the #GirlLove movement and being a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and “get some of [her] creative energy back” — something we could all do a little more of, to be honest.

Lilly Singh will definitely be missed not only by her fans but also by all the people who love watching YouTube. But it is to be recognized as good for her as she has considered her mental health first.

Mental health has become a millennial thing right now with the stress we are facing in our everyday lives. So, it should not be neglected for sure.

Lilly Singh has got that kind of supporters and following that she will definitely be going to receive great support when she decides to come back.

Come Soon Lilly!!!!

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