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Plummeting temperatures worries all the pretty girls out there. Harsh temperatures leave you exceptionally dry, sore and with chapped lips. Lip balms become a gift of fortune here. 2-30 is the average count of lip balm used by an average woman in a day! Luckily, lip balms have traveled a long way from good old Vaseline and today, many varieties differing in quality, ingredients, colors and taste are available for the customers.

Here are some best lip balms from market for your lovely lips. Don’t forget to read our final verdict for best lip balm of this season.

Street wear – Smoothies lip balm

  • Street Wear Color Rich lip balms are formulated to offer dual benefits of nourishment and sheer color payoff.
  • These lip balms are sure to turn chapped and flaky lips into smooth, shiny, fuller and colorful pouts.
  • High on shine with soft glossy color, these balms are for everyday easy application. Mint flavor helps keep lips fresh all day.
  • Pamper your lips with high in pink, peach, plum and coral tints that will leave your lips smooth and mint flavored for a fresh feel throughout the day.
  • The rich blend of antioxidants, Vitamin E along with the goodness of Shea butter, these glide on easily. Swipe for that much needed color, SPF 10 benefits and a natural look!

Cost: INR 150. Quantity: 4.2 g.

street wear lip balm

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Maybelline Baby Lips

  • This is one of the most popular lip balms in India for its baby soft and shiny texture.
  • Heals chapped lips and gives intense hydration for 6-8 hours. Has Vitamin E and jojoba oil that helps in softening the pout.
  • Amazing fragrance. SPF 16 helps from harmful sunrays.
  • Exciting colors – Mango Pie, Rose Addict, Coral Crush, Cherry Kiss, Berry Crush, Pink Lolita and many more.

Cost: INR 175. Quantity: 4.5 g.  

baby lips

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Lakme’s Lip Love

Lakme offers a dual range of lip balms, which provides lip care as well as lavish colors to flaunt.

  • Available in 4 flavours – Cherry, Strawberry, Peach, Vanilla and new introduction is cocoa shade.
  • Lip love is a little tint with lots of love.
  • It contains SPF 15

Cost: INR 200. Quantity: 3.8g

lakme lip balm

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The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15

  • Considered to be of the premium quality cosmetic product. Vitamin E and shea butter (from Ghana) keeps your lips hydrated and smooth for a longer duration.
  • Doesn’t leave your lips greasy after application. Hence, slip it on under your lipstick or use it alone to protect your lips.
  • Soothes dry lips from sun, wind or cold weather. Has SPF of 15.

Cost: Rs 350. Quantity: 4.2 g.

body shop lip balm

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Our verdict for best lip balm:

Antioxidants SPF Cost Quantity Reapplication need
Street wear – Smoothies lip balm


Vitamin E and shea butter 10 150 4.7 After 8-9 hours
Maybelline Baby Lips


Vitamin E and jojoba oil 16 175 4.5 After 6 hours
Lakme’s Lip Love


15 200 3.8 After 4 hours
The Body Shop Vitamin E Lip Care SPF 15


Vitamin E and shea butter (from Ghana) 15 350 4.2 After 6-7 hours

Overall, after using all 4 lip balms, best which made mark with all respect was Street Wear Smoothies lip balm. It was long lasting as compared to other brands. Rate wise it is again a fair deal and best part about it was that it also sustains after eating and drinking. Colors are faint to appear but brings shiny lustre on lips, which helps to look perfect.

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