The 63rd London Fashion week this season boasted of all things glamorous, feminine and Punk! Yes we said Punk! Preen and Alexander Mc Queen have revived punk in a fabulous manner and the fashion industry is definitely loving it!

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From buttons to zips to sequins, London fashion week has revived everything we love and care about detailing. As mentioned above Preen brought about cocktail dressing to a whole new level. There was pink sequin dress from head to toe, that was styled with an over sized fur coat that mixed punk sensibility with party glamour. Burberry had brocade tennis dresses that fitted into the modern glamour category. Christopher Kane on the other hand had its models in feathers and fringes. Quite noteworthy we must say, but still a little over the top with its embellishments.

Mulberry fashion 1

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Dwelling deeper into the infrastructure of London Fashion Week, let’s dissect Mulberry too. Mulberry’s show boasted of gorgeous slip dresses with sexy button down shirts layered under and there is not even one coat that we wouldn’t wear from this collection! Also how can we forget about Alexander McQueen. Sarah Burton, creative director of McQueen decorated her looks with surreal art like pocket watches and sinister floral. She also revived Creeper shoes and delicate hairpins. This sort of juxtaposition in style can only be seen and accepted in great legends like McQueen or even Vivienne Westwood!

There was lots too the eyes delight this season at London Fashion Week. Hope you fashionistas pick some trends off the runway and style yourself in a unique way, filled with eccentricity and love!

” Look through the pictures below from London Fashion Week  and tell us what you think.”

 McQueen fashion 1

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 McQueen fashion 1

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Overall London Fashion Week was successful and showed fab designs and colors.

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