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Whenever we come across beautiful nail colors while window shopping or while skimming through magazines, most of us feel dull. Reason? Most of us aren’t blessed with long, pretty and durable nails. Infact, many times just as our nails are about to reach our desired length, they break. And with that breaks our hopes of painting our nails in various beautiful colors and decorating them with nail art. We understand how sad that feels so we have some tips here that you can implement for long and durable nails.

Eat Food, Not Your Nails

Biting your nails is the most hazardous thing that you ca do to your nails. Not only are you hampering your nail growth by biting them but you are also destroying your nail bed. Stop biting them from this moment and this is your very first step for long nails!



File Your Nails

We use our hands for many things throughout the day. It is therefore imperative that that your nails will be exposed to rough tasks which results in rough edges that can further damage your nails. So always keep a nail file in your hand to use as and when needed.



Lotion Potion for Those Nails

Yes, your nails need some important lotion massage too. Moisturizing your nails regularly with a cuticle cream can show a big difference in the health of your nails.



Proteins to Your Help

It is not just the outward treatments that help. You also have to keep it healthy from your inside. Proteins are an essential component for your body to function. A balanced diet with proteins will take your nails a long way!

600x300-JD-Protein(1) Protein-Diet


Nail Strengtheners- A Must

For nails that don’t break easily, a nail strengthener works very well. They contain essential keratin proteins that help to make your nails stronger and healthier.


manicure    blogger-image--2051263307

Weekly Manicure at Home

No, we don’t want you to spend all your money on those expensive manicure parlors. A simple manicure can be done easily at home. Take lukewarm water in a small container and soak your fingers in it till they become soft. You can follow it with nail cutting, filing and moisturising.

Fingernails soaking


Are you girls ready to flaunt those long and pretty nails?

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