A global phenomenon, not just with kids but grown-ups too, Minions today are a talk of the town and everyone wants to show a part of the child in them by wearing these creatures in every possible form. So how did these little yellow dudes end up becoming so famous? The world has been crazy over these little yellow guys ever since release of the movie DESPICABLE ME in 2009. Minion fever has reached its height with the release of the sequel this year. So what is so special about these tiny creatures that refuse to fade away their charm. Is it only their simplicity, their infectious giggling or there is more to it that adds to the momentum.

Is it how adorable they act? The funny language they speak? Yes, the minions are simple, but there is more to them than that.

They are just adorable, cute little kids and who doesn’t like kids. Everyone has a child in them who is waiting to come out and have some fun; these yellow guys do exactly that. They wake up the sleeping child in you and make you see the funnier side of life. Not everyday has to live with fear and resentment. They make us learn that.

Minion dance
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These little creatures on screen make you happy and at the same time make us realize that a day without laughter is a day wasted. It’s no wonder that we’ve embraced Minions, wanting to scoop them up and keep them safe from the big, bad world.

The fact is, the more you see MINIONS, the more you LOVE them.

Minions are hilariously funny!!

Minion Banana
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Minions are incredibly funny but their beauty lies in being trying not to be really comical, rather dumb is the best word for these cute yellow guys. Unable to carry out any task they’re asked to, their stupidity knows no bounds. A snip that instantly comes to mind is their classic shopping trip to get a unicorn toy in Despicable Me – you only expect the Minions to take that as an opportunity to dress in drag and cause massive trouble in a mall.

 That contagious giggling spreads like fire!

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They are full of giggles, and can have anyone in fits of laughter which is contagious and spreads quickly just like the Minions phenomenon has spread across the globe.  It’s that dynamic combination of their giggles, sound effects and actions which leaves anyone in stitches whether they’ve seen the movies or not.

Minions have made a special place for themselves in every demographic like a particularly contagious illness and we’re all still searching for the cure.

So..When Do You Think All This Will Stop?

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Well it’s the natural order of things that comes with any major release and will no doubt peter out in its own time. In the end, it’ll probably be just the kids reciting incomprehensible things which might be quotes, before they shamefully repress all memories of it — and at some point nostalgia will kick in and make it cool again.

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Love them or hate them, these tiny creatures are sure to be around for a really long time…till then let’s all giggle with them! Tulaa lilu tee amo




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