Both Nina and Anush parted ways and everybody else lived happily ever after.

It wasn’t a love at first sight love story. Neither was it a just a random crush. Nina and Anush fell in love with each other gradually but when they did, they went head over heels about each other. It wasn’t a regular Bollywood special ‘opposites attract’ love. It was simple and sweet without any complications. They liked the same movies, ate similar food, loved the same colors, in short, they were ‘one’ in every sense. The only difference was in their surnames. Nina Mathew and Anush Chawla. Yes, two surnames, two different religions.

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They knew it wasn’t going to be easy to convince their parents since both families were conservative and rooted in their traditions. But, they still hoped that things would work out for them if they tried. They still hoped that their parents would give in to their happiness and let them live together. Of course they had thought of eloping as an option. But like Nina said, “why should we run when we haven’t done anything wrong? We know our love is true and by eloping we’ll only bring a shame to it.” To which Anush added, “That’s true. Besides, we both want our parents to be happy with our marriage na? So we won’t give up. We’ll try.”

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And they did try. For months Anush fought with his parents. Nina begged her parents to understand why she couldn’t marry anybody else other than Anush. Both of them tried to convince their parents to at least meet the other. But everything went in vain. So staunch were their religious beliefs that it overpowered the love for their children. And can we really blame them? The society we live in, the same society that we built is to be blamed. We are born as free individuals and it is the society that binds us into certain religions and castes. If only we could see each other as human beings rather than a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, the world would be so much more easier. Intercast love story is not accepted in our society.

We brought the system of religion to bring in the concept of a God, or a higher force. Yes, there is a higher power and yes, we all have a right to practice our beliefs. But did that God ever ask you to fight with other religions? Does that God disapprove of uniting two people who are insanely in love with each other? If yes, then dear friend, you are believing in the wrong force. That is not God. That is your own concept of right or wrong which has no base. And by imposing this thought on people around you, you are doing wrong. Who is this society really to tell you who you are, what you should be, what you should eat, drink, wear? Who is this society to dictate whom we can marry?

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No. Nina and Anush could never marry because their parents didn’t agree. They loved their parents too much to even think of keeping them unhappy. But like most stories, every love story needs a happy ending. So they both decided to part ways. And their parents, relatives and society lived happily ever after. Once again, religion won the battle over love. And we being part of the society are to be blamed. Are we brave enough to get past religious beliefs and make a better world? With effort, yes, but it needs to start today, right this moment!!

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