We’ve all had our share of falling in love and heart breaks. Most of us, at different points in our lives felt like we’ve found the one and things ended before we knew it. The emotional trauma that a failed relationship causes makes it hard to move on. But it’s not all that difficult to brush the old memories off and look ahead for what more life has to offer. Few easy steps and things to keep in mind while we sail the ship of Love again:

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  1. Don’t run away; a good chapter of your life just got over, the book doesn’t end here

Trying to avoid any situation or conversation relating to your ex is not going to help. Do not let the strong feelings get accumulated in your head. Tell yourself life goes on, take your time. Do what you love, think of the happy moments.

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  1. Don’t call/text/meet your ex or lurk around their regular places wearing their old sweater

 You need to stop obsessing over your ex and treat them like a ghost from your past. Still trying to patch up or finding a way to reconnect will only make you weaker. This is where you move on from being attached to not being insecure. Nobody said it was easy. You have to figure yourself out now, and you can’t do that unless you completely get rid of the haunting memories.

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  1. Share-talk-let it out

Find your go-to person and let it out. Do not let the thoughts bog your mind. Sometimes the only remedy one requires is a worthy conversation. Forget the blame game but let your side of the story be heard.

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  1. Forgive your ex and forgive yourself

You become empowered when you forgive. Look at yourself as a bird now, ready to flap their wings and fly where your heart takes you. Look in the mirror, and tell yourself how amazing you are. Put yourself in others’ shoes and try to understand why they took this decision, though mutually. Once you have all the reasons and facts in front of you, you’ll be more reasonable and free.

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  1. Have positive people around you

A positive attitude can take you places and positive people add all the more charm in life. Maybe they will end up convincing you how amazing life can be from this point onward. So sit with them, jot down your future plans, smile with them and stay happy.

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  1. Playlists help, trust us

It’s time to sing your heart out; so play your favourite songs. Cheer up and let music heal your heart. Whatever is your taste, old classic rock or hip hop, plug your head phones in and the world is yours.

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  1. Do what you love, do what you always wanted to do

Go on adventures, let things that give you the adrenaline rush occupy your mind instead. Find your escape route and go explore possibilities. Plan a trip with your BFF or just by yourself, enjoy life to the fullest. It’s time to work on your To-do list.

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  1. Move on, so many better things ahead in life.

When one door closes, another one opens up. Keep your heart and mind open with a smile. Love will come by.

“Eventually all things fall into place. Until then, laugh at the confusion, live for the moments, and know EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.”

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