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A lot has already been said about the awesomeness of Raees. And being a hardcore true blue SRK fan, I decided to give myself some time to let the movie sink in and then try and give an unbiased review about the film.

The Good :

Raees is an absolute masala entertainer. It is an experience that washes over you. You flow with it, tightly gripped and enthralled. It has songs, dance, romance, action, tears, clap worthy dialogues everything. Add to it the right amount of logic, reality and lesser melodrama, Raees entertains at the right places, giving a worthy ride for the audience.

Shah Rukh Khan holds you firmly and takes you behind the kohled eyes right to his heart. His performance is by far one of his best. His intentions somehow justify his own actions in his mind. He is brilliant, sexy and extremely heartfelt. The depth, ego and passion that he has given to Raees and his principals, makes him real, human & fragile. The gangster with a golden heart, is something he has always excelled at. You cant help rooting for Raees.

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Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s Majmudar is a darling. He is the one character in the film who has no qualms about taking one straight side. All the other characters may skip from the good to bad, depending on their intentions. But the ruthless goodness of Majmudar, brings chills. To say that Nawazuddin is amazing in the film is an understatement.

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The last scene between Nawazuddin and Shah Rukh Khan is the one that stays in your heart.

What You Take Back?

I was initially very skeptical about the glamorizing of a dark character by someone who himself has millions in following. Also SRK’s penchant for making any character likable was a solid risk for this. But it did not glamorize crime for me at all. If anything, I will think more than twice before making any decision in the future, for the fear of making a deal with the devil.

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Raees talks about consequences. It talks about all the small little things adding up, whether good or bad. And in that mathematics, the good does not nullify the bad. Both add up. And both have their own consequences.

There is always an unethical  shortcut to your destination. And when the piper comes collecting, you have no choice but to submit to the consequences. More often than not the deal with the devil is unprofitable in the bigger picture.

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One can cash in and reach great heights due to the cunning-ness, daring and lower qualms about ethics. But in that scenario, there is always somebody who is more evil, with lesser qualms, who will not think twice before cutting you off.

Overall, Raees is a movie that not only gives you immense entertainment for 3 hours but also something for your brain to chew on.

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