Maggi – the two minute noodle has been inseparable member of our kitchen since time immemorial.  It’s our all-time dependable snack during midnight hunger pangs, surprise guests, travel, hostel and late night gossip. Every one of us has a “Maggi story” to tell. There are varieties of ways you can experiment with Maggi and make your own recipe.  Here are some of our all time Favorite Maggi recipes:-

Prawns Maggi

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Maggi is yummy vegetarian option but for non-vegetarians it can be turned into a lip-smacking dish. All you need is frozen or fresh prawns and a packet of Maggi. Fry the prawns and add it to Maggi. Mix well and it’s ready to munch. Rest assured that diners will fall in love with this experiment.

Cracker Maggi Recipe

cracker maggi recipe
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Looking for a delicious tea-time snack? Your search is over. For topping make ginger, garlic, onion masala. Add chopped favorite vegetables to this mixture and keep it aside for later use. Now make a layer of cracker biscuit and put cooked Maggi over it. Top it up with masala made earlier, repeat the layers. Relish this yummy recipe and become the kitchen star among your family and friends.

Corn, Capsicum and Cheese Maggi

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For people who don’t like spicy food, they should try this is Maggi recipe. Boil Maggi and corns, add salt, pepper, cheese and cook it until it is slimy. Meanwhile bake the capsicums. Place cooked mixture on the plate and garnish it with the baked capsicums.

Veggie Maggi Fritters

veggie maggi fritters
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Add a pinch of excitement to the party with Maggi as a starter. Add colorful veggies, herbs and cheese to cooked Maggi and make a batter. Deep fry in equal proportion to make crispy and crunchy fritters. Serve immediately. This lip smacking fritter will leave your guests asking for more.

Masala Maggi Tikka

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Cut your favorite veggies, add bread crumbs and cooked Maggi and make the paste of the mixture. Now make tikkis of the mixture and fry on slow flame till the time tikkis are light brown in color. Serve with different sauces and mesmerize your guests.

Nobody gets bored of Maggi but spicing it a bit will make it tastier. Try our Maggi recipes and share your experiences. Don’t forget to share your favorite Maggi recipe and Maggi story.

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