The Magical Indian Folk And Italian Opera YouTube Mashup By Sawan Khan Manganiyar and Natalie Di Luccio


This beautiful and heart touching mashup called ‘A Dream of Rajasthan’ by multilingual singer from Canada Natalie Di Luccio and Rajasthani folk singer Sawan Khan Manganiyar is definitely going to melt your heart and tingle your music chords.

Take a look at the video here –

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This video is going viral now and it achieved 100k hits a few days ago. The mashup has been making so many rounds over the internet that music maestro A. R. Rahman also couldn’t stop himself from praising this unique effort. He tweeted a few days ago praising Natalie on her newest mashup.

AR Rahman

The video is shot in the majestic fort of Mehrangarh and spreads the message of extending love and peace across the borders and let love prevail.

Here is a song worth 100k hits!

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