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Wearing ripped or distressed jeans is a style statement and fine art in these days. Done right, they look so cool, chic and stylish, but one wrong tear and you are one the way making a fool of yourself out on the streets. It’s clear that ripped jeans are lately very popular in the fashion charts. But why pay heavily to buy a pair of torn apart, ripped jeans when you can make one yourself? Rather than ponying a handsome $300 on ripped denim; we suggest a little DIY action at home itself. You can now learn how to make ripped jeans at home through our post. The totally badass ripped jean fashion can make you look fashionable every time. You can couple it with different tops and accessories to meet your fashion goals. We have outlined 6 simple steps that show you how to make ripped jeans at home. Check them out below.

How to make ripped jeans??

Simply follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Choose Your Denim

As you may obviously think, the first step in making ripped jeans will be acquiring your favorite denim that you want to rip. Pick a pair of denim that fits you well, otherwise what’s the point taking these efforts? The choice can range from skinny and tight to boyfriend style, different colors (black, blue or white), and from mid-rise to high-waist style. You may bring a new pair and rip it apart or can use an old pair you want to refurbish.You can pick up a cheap one at the dollar store or flea market as you wouldn’t want to cut off your $300 branded jeans just yet. If you want the jeans to look more worn out and realistically ripped, wash them a few times and bleach it before you get started. If not, proceed to the next step!

how to make ripped jeans 1Step 2: Gather Your Sewing Supplies

Once you have chosen your pair of jeans you want to distress the next step is to gather other sewing supplies that will help you rip and distress your denim. When you want your denims to look authentically ripped it is important to distress them before you start cutting holes into them. To do this you need to grab few of these supplies – paint removing block or sandpaper, pumice tone and steel wool. To make holes, use a pair of sharp scissors, box cutter, razor or X-Acto knife. Keep a cardboard piece or wooden block inside the pant legs to avoid altering the back side too – unless you want to.

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how to make ripped jeans 2Step 3: Mark Your Jeans

Using a pen, safety pin or tailors chalk mark out the denims exactly where you want to get it distressed and/or ripped. This is the most important step of how to make ripped jeans at home. You should precisely know the areas your jeans should rip apart. It may be the knees, thighs or pockets. Lay out your denim flat on a table and mark all the spots where you want to tear it out. You may not want to take regular intervals between the cuts just mark it randomly in the selected area to give it a realistic look. If you want to get a better view mark the jeans while you’re wearing them on.

how to make ripped jeans 3

Step 4: Start Distressing

Now let’s start fraying the spots that you’ve already marked on the denim. Lay out the jeans flat on a plain surface – a table or working station – and start rubbing the marked areas with a sandpaper, pumice stone and steel wool. Keep rubbing till the denim starts to thin out and look worn. Depending on the thickness of your jeans the time taken to complete this step might vary. If you want to go quick on the knees and butt area, tape the sandpaper to the ground, put on the jeans and slide back and forth over the paper. Remember to put the piece of cardboard or wooden block between the both layers of the legs to avoid ripping both the sides.

how to make ripped jeans 4Step 5: Start Making Your Holes

Once the desired spots are sufficiently weak and distressed, grab your scissors or knife and using the edge (note not the tip) to make the holes. Start horizontally scraping the spots gently until the jeans finally tears apart. If you don’t want to completely rip the threads apart scrape only enough to see the white threads beneath the denims surface. Don’t make very big holes or sharp and clean cuts, the ripped denims will lose it authentic look. Fray the threads further using a pair of tweezers. Use your hands to rip the cuts further apart.

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Step 6: Reinforce (Optional)

Reinforcing your jeans is an optional step that you can do if you choose to. Over the time the holes in your ripped denims may get bigger and bigger and get out of shape. To keep them they way there are for longer duration reinforce them by sewing the holes around their diameter. You can sew around the ripped edges either by your hand or sewing machine.

how to make ripped jeans 6

Viola! Your fancy ripped jeans is ready to flaunt your dynamic style statement.

Now that you gals have learnt how to make ripped jeans, let’s look at some ripped jeans styles and outfits. Stay tuned to get some fashion inspirations right away.

Ripped Jeans in Different Styles and Outfits

Green ripped jeans with a orange hoodie shirt looks great.

how to make ripped jeans 7

Casual ripped jeans for men who like it that way.

how to make ripped jeans 8

Formal plaid shirt with ripped denim looks smart.

how to make ripped jeans 9

Try off-shoulder knot top with faded ripped denim for trendy look.

how to make ripped jeans 10

Ripped jean denim set for fashionable street-style look.

how to make ripped jeans 11

Pair a black sleeveless crop top with ankle-length ripped jeans and snickers.

how to make ripped jeans 12

Kids look so adorable in these light blue ripped and net inserted denims.

how to make ripped jeans 13

Hope you have got many fashion ideas on how to style your own DIY ripped jeans today.

How many of you will try making DIY ripped jeans??

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