Make Your Wedding an Instagram Sensation by Using Innovative Invitation Techniques

With the growing use of digital mediums, more and more people are now letting go of traditional or old school mediums. Be it social invitations, marketing campaigns, or even working online, there is no doubt that digitization has transformed how people function and carry out their work. 

Along with this, there has been a tremendous increase in creativity. It is crucial to keep up with this growing trend to not become obsolete. 

Your content has to be new and relevant and continuously surprise your audience. Only then will it make your content different from your peers and set you apart. This can be done if you remain original and show people the truth.

So, after looking at various online trends, it is apparent that people are now shooting and portraying their weddings creatively too. 

Gone are the days when weddings were shot simply by hiring a photographer and videographer. Now, people are making use of the same professionals to make their weddings even more memorable. 

To start with, the invitations themselves have become extremely creative. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your invitations have to be grand and fancy. Most invitations that people receive are extremely expensive and sometimes very complicated. 

Instead, try a new way of creating wedding invitations that will be etched into your invitees’ minds for a long time. Here are a few ways in which some fantastic invitation videos that you can make and also learn how to advertise on instagram better.

1. Templates

There are many wedding invitation templates available online where you can directly edit your videos, make a few minor changes, and there you have it! A video that is entirely yours, made by you. 

Some template examples include Wedding Invite, Wedding Invitation, 10th Wedding Anniversary, and so on. There are also many filler templates available that you can incorporate in between two shots to ensure a smooth transition.

The templates essentially act as a framework for videos, and you can add or subtract your content accordingly. This could be in the form of text, images, new videos, or other forms of media. Once you make these changes, the videos will look extraordinarily modern and personalized.

2. Formats

Many online platforms have readily available formats like square and vertical that are a blessing in disguise when it comes to making videos specifically for Instagram. They are already sized and formatted for the platform, so you don’t need to go through the pain of converting them to the right size again. Select a template you like and get working! 

After doing so, your wedding invitation is ready to be sent or uploaded on Instagram. Within no time, the video will grab the attention since it would be the first time for people to witness an invitation like this, and also because the video itself will be interesting.

3. Effects and Enhancers

Along with the usual features of inserting and formatting text, images, audio, and other media, these online video platforms also offer its users some effects and enhancers that can beautify the video even more. 

Some effects include fireworks, smoke, entertainment, confetti, etc. Within these effects, one can find even more variations so as not to be restricted to just one effect. 

Some enhancers include masks, layouts, and links that can be inserted from other Twitter or Instagram posts. Here too, just like effects, there are options available. 

You can use these effects and enhancers to your advantage and make your final product look nothing short of professional work, even if you are a beginner. If you edit videos regularly, then this should be convenient for you too.

Apart from these, there are numerous sticker options available that will add a bit of quirk to your videos and make them more appealing and fun. Add these stickers in random places and in corners of your videos to make the best use of them.

4. Uploads

Even after using all of the above options, if you are still not fully satisfied, you can upload any other files from your collection that you would like to incorporate in your videos. It is highly useful for people who want to go a different route and add various elements into the video that are either from their collection or downloaded from elsewhere. 

These could be in the form of audio clips, videos, or any other effect or enhancer that you may have created from scratch. Putting these in your videos will give it a very distinguishing feature, but it is still optional. 

If you are someone who is making a wedding invitation for Instagram, using the above features and techniques should be more than enough. The final product will still look appealing. 


Weddings are essential for everyone, and in this new digital world, validation on Instagram is also necessary for couples. For this, the process has to start early with wedding invitations, pre-wedding photoshoots, and a lot more.

With an Instagram friendly wedding invite, you are not only trying something new but also being environmentally conscious. The ideas mentioned above will surely help you become a sensation on Instagram. 

The video can be created with a lot of ease, and it will surely match all your expectations. Apart from this, if the videos have to be made for one-time use, a free template can work best for you. These templates are readily available on various platforms online.

You can let go of your inhibitions of not being a professional and use the various online platforms available. The critical thing is that your invitation needs to be personalized and helps your loved ones know that they are wanted at the wedding. 

Just select the right template, choose some beautiful customizations using the several available, and start editing! In no time, you will find yourself with a wonderful result. You will begin to garner more attention online if you remain candid with your invitations and your images.

Go ahead and share your best day with your loved ones and make sure to dazzle everyone with your Instagram presence.

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